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Dr. Cass appears regularly as an expert in the field, on radio, TV (including The View and MSNBC), and in publications such as the Los Angeles TimesThe Toronto StarCosmopolitanTime Magazine, and People Magazine.

Dr Cass also maintains a busy schedule of speaking engagements at health-related events around the country, with topics ranging from complementary medicine and psychiatry, anti-aging, women’s health (including natural hormone therapy), weight management, to stress reduction, and natural treatments for addictions, anxiety disorders, and depression.

Types of Presentations

  • Keynote
  • General Session
  • Breakout
  • Workshop
  • Seminar

Sample Topics

  • Supplement Your Prescription: How Drugs Rob You of Nutrients and How to Prevent It
  • Natural Highs: How to Boost your Mood and Energy Naturally
  • It’s Not All in Your HeadA Complementary Medical Approach to Disorders of Mood, Memory, and Behavior
  • Natural Alternatives to Prozac for Stress, Anxiety & Depression
  • Natural Treatments for Addiction
  • Herbs for Health
  • Natural Health for Women
  • Natural Treatments for Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Anti-Aging: Nutrients and Hormones for Longevity and Rejuvenation
  • Smart Drugs & Nutrients for Optimum Brain Power
  • Integrating Alternative Medicine into Your Medical Practice

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