BOOK_3I have been friends with Lisa Garr, host of the Aware Show, for many years, and have been fortunate enough to be a frequent guest on her show. She is a consummate interviewer — interested, energetic, and very well informed on just about anything and everything related to mind, body and spirit. So I’m excited to share with you that Lisa now offering her first book ever, “Becoming Aware,” due out on May 19,  which may now be pre-ordered just by CLICKING THIS LINK.

Her mentor and great friend Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote a personal foreword to bless her book, too!

She shares with you how you can discover the life changing events that led her from a near death experience, leaving her without the ability to say even a few words, to become a radio and TV talk show host, as well as create her online summits, and so much more that she’s have never revealed before. The vision for it all, the creation of “The Aware Show” and “Being Aware”, came from this life changing experience that instilled in her a vision and a passion for changing lives for the better with practical information you can use in every aspect of your life too.

You will learn how to integrate body, mind and spirit in order to live a 100 percent conscious day filled with awareness. Every moment of every day. You will also learn how she healed her brain, her body and her spirit after a traumatic mountain biking accident, and all the ways you too can transform your life, no matter where you are on your path, to lead to your personal human triumph for creating deeper meaning and purpose in your life.

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LISAANDWAYNEYes, there is a Bonus for you just for taking action now!

There are literally dozens of exercises, techniques, teachings and “Awarisms” that she shares with you; that you can benefit from immediately. Lisa has learned these from the over 1500 transformational leaders, like Dr Wayne Dyer, that she has interviewed over the past 15 years.

Thank you for joining Lisa on her journey of transformation. She truly loves you and all we share together, and what you can create as we all become more aware.

I’m getting my copy! And I hope you will to.


Hyla Cass M.D.

P.S. I’m very excited to be letting you in on this advanced copy opportunity!. Just CLICK HERE to get it.

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