8 Weeks: Resource Guide


8 Weeks to Vibrant Health

Chapter 18: Where to Look for Help

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  1. How to Find an Understanding Doctor
  2. Practitioner Organizations
  3. Diagnostic Testing Laboratories
  4. Specialized Labs
  5. Compounding Pharmacies
  6. Products
  7. Suppliers
  8. Informational Websites
  9. Cancer Information
  10. Newsletters and Journals

How to Find an Understanding Doctor

An ever-growing number of doctors in all specialties are coming to realize the role that nutrient deficiencies and toxicities can play in your health. If you are looking for one who shares this point of view, we have listed organizations of alternative physicians later in this chapter. If you are considering natural hormone therapy, be sure your doctor is familiar (and skilled) with its use.

You would need an M.D. (doctor of medicine) or D.O. (doctor of osteopathy) to write prescriptions for certain lab tests and for medications such as bio-identical hormones. Laboratories such as Life Extension allow you to order blood tests through their physicians, who are also available to help you interpret the tests. (Other tests — saliva, urine, and blood spot — can be ordered directly from the various labs listed later in this chapter.)

Besides medical doctors, these are some of the health care practitioners that you might consider consulting. Some of the more common alternative medicine practitioners may be covered by your medical insurance.

Osteopathic physicians (D.O.s) learn spinal-manipulation techniques and nutrition along with conventional medical training. However, many prefer to practice as conventional medical doctors, so ask before you make any assumptions. See osteopathic.org.

Naturopaths (N.D.s) study natural medicine in four-year accredited programs, which are making an enormous contribution to research and education in the field of natural medicine. Unfortunately, naturopaths are not yet licensed in all states. See naturopathic.org.

Be aware that there are nonlicensed naturopaths from correspondence programs. While they can also be helpful with your nutritional needs, their lack of licensing leaves you to determine their quality.

Doctors of Oriental medicine (O.M.D.s) are licensed in all states to practice herbal medicine and acupuncture. Acupuncture can be an excellent way of regulating imbalances. See acupuncture.com.

Chiropractors (doctors of chiropractic, or D.C.s) can also be helpful–not simply in dealing with spines, bones, and muscles, either. Many are skilled in clinical nutrition as well as subtler forms of healing. See amerchiro.org.

Nutritionists are varied in their training and experience and should each be taken on their own skills, the recommendations of others, and their affiliation with medical practitioners to whom they refer patients when appropriate.

Herbalists, like nutritionists, vary in their training and skills. Their background is more grass roots, based in traditional folk medicine. The American Herbalists Guild is a well-respected organization whose membership is by invitation and peer review (americanherbalistsguild.com).

It is of greatest importance that you like and trust your health care professional. You should feel both free to ask questions and confident that you are being taken seriously. The relationship is a sacred one, based on the ancient tradition of priest-healer, and is the basis for your healing process. Trust your own intuition, both in terms of who you choose to work with and the direction in which they take you.

A good doctor will pay attention to your ideas and be willing to learn from you as well. This is a new model, a partnership in healing. Your doctor is the resource, the expert, in medical information and practice, and you are the expert in how you feel. The idea is to respect each other’s roles in this relationship and to each do your part in your path to vibrant health.

Practitioner Organizations

  • American Academy of Environmental Medicine
    (800) 884-2236
  • American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
    (866) 538-2267
  • American Association of Oriental Medicine
    (888) 500-7999
  • American Chiropractic Association
    (800) 986-4636
  • American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM)
    (800) 532-3688
  • American Herbalists Guild
    (770) 751-6021
  • American Holistic Health Association
    (714) 779-6152
    For physician referrals, go to “Medical” section at ahha.org/ahhaprs.htm.
  • American Holistic Medical Association
  • American Osteopathic Association
    (800) 621-1773
  • The Center for the Improvement of Human Functioning
    (Director: Hugh Riordan, M.D.)
    3100 North Hillside Avenue, Wichita, KS 67219
    (316) 682-3100
  • International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine
    (416) 733-2117
    The ISOM is an organization of doctors and osteopaths who practice orthomolecular medicine, chelation therapy, and preventive medicine in the United States, Canada, and abroad.
  • NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques)
    Find information, practitioners, and professional training courses on a natural treatment for allergies.

Diagnostic Testing Laboratories

  • BioSafe Home Blood Testing Lab
    (800) 768-8446
    Offers a variety of self-collected laboratory blood tests such as a cholesterol panel that measures the amount of total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and triglyceride in your blood; TSH for thyroid function; and hemoglobin A1c (glycosylated hemoglobin) for blood sugar information.
  • Life Extension Foundation
    (866) 660-3993
    Has a complete line of lab tests available. Take their test kits to a local laboratory that will draw the blood and send it to LEF, which will then send you the results.
  • NuBasix
    Provides test kits for collecting samples at home and for shipping them to the laboratory for testing your biochemical imbalances and nutritional insufficiencies. The Bone Resorption Wellness Screen measures the bone turnover marker deoxypyridinoline (DPD), which is released into the circulation during the bone resorption process. The Estronex Wellness Screen is a urine test that shows if your estrogen metabolism is increasing your risk of breast cancer.
  • Women’s Health America
    The “Restore” program provides saliva testing to determine hormone levels, and urine testing to measure rate of bone loss. Their pharmacy staff then helps your doctor to analyze results and provides an individualized prescription. The director is Marla Algrimm, pharmacist and author of The HRT Solution.

Specialized Labs

These are some of the specialized labs I use in my practice. You will need a doctor’s prescription.

  • Doctor’s Data
    (800) 323-2784
  • Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory
    (800) 522-4762
  • Immunosciences
    (310) 657-1077
  • Metametrix
    (800) 221-4640

Compounding Pharmacies

Compounding pharmacies supply individualized prescription items such as natural hormones not generally carried by regular pharmacies. You can also contact them to find practitioners in your area. They all do mail order.

  • Apothecure Pharmacy in Dallas, TX
    (800) 969-6601
  • College Pharmacy in Colorado Springs, CO
    (800) 888-935
  • HealthWorld Online
    (800) 927-4227
  • International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP)
  • Kronos Pharmacy in Las Vegas, NV
    (800) 723-7455
  • Town Center in Palm Desert, CA
    (760) 341-3984
  • Women’s International Pharmacy in Madison, WI
    (800) 279-5708.


Here are some supplements I consider highly effective.

  • Better Balance Formulas
    CALM Formula is a unique blend of nutrients that work throughout the day to keep you calm, as well as an excellent after-work and bedtime relaxant. ENERGY Formula is a blend of energizing nutrients including adaptogens to help you maintain energy throughout the day. Both formulas were developed by Dr. Cass and are available only through drcass.com or by calling (800) 362-2950.
  • Designs for Health
    (800) 847-8302
    Fine line of supplements available through health care professionals.
  • Enzymatic Therapy
    (800) 783-2286
    Excellent line of supplements available through health food stores.
  • Jarrow
    (800) 726-0886
    Manufacturer of supplements including CholesTame, which helps to lower cholesterol levels, and Glucose Optimizer, which helps balance blood sugar.
  • Nature Made’s SAM-e (s-adenosylmethionine)
    (800) 276-2876
    A high-quality, enteric-coated product available in food, drug, and mass retail stores.
  • New Chapter
    (800) 543-7279
    A quality brand of whole-food-based supplements at health food stores. One favorite is Holy Basil, which helps deal with stress in many ways including balancing cortisol and enhancing mood. Another is InflaZyme, which counters inflammation.
  • Nordic Naturals
    (800) 662 2544
    High-quality, guaranteed pure fish oils supplying omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Pro-Gest
    (800) 888-6041.
    Natural progesterone and other hormone creams by Emerita, a division of Transitions for Health, whose Women’s Institute is a resource for women’s health information.
  • Tango Advanced Nutrition
    (866) 778-2646 / (415) 821-6001
    Tango Advanced Nutrition manufactures and distributes a unique, groundbreaking collection of advanced herbal formulas. Designed by leading anti-aging scientists and traditional Chinese herbal researchers, these flagship herbal formulas are modern versions of traditional essence formulas that have been historically used to enhance energy, rejuvenate vitality and improve general health.


  • Allergy Research Group/NutriCology
    (800) 405-4274
    Full catalog of high-quality, hypoallergenic supplements. (You’ll receive a discount if you mention this book.)
  • Life Extension Foundation
    (866) 660-3993
    Carries a full line of supplements.
  • Vital Choice Seafood
    (800) 608-4825
    Carries canned and fresh frozen fish, guaranteed high in omega-3 oils and low in toxins.
  • Vitamin Research Products
    (888) 401-0967
    Full catalog of high-quality supplements. Sign up for their complimentary prescriptions program (PIN #215287).

Informational Websites

  • Alternative Medicine
    A comprehensive and up-to-date informational site, free e-newsletter, and monthly publication.
  • DoctorYourself.com
    This is Dr. Andrew Saul’s excellent self-health site.
  • HealthWorld Online
    Comprehensive information on complementary and alternative medicine, books, practitioners, and products.
  • Life Extension Foundation
    (866) 660-3993
    Extensive and well-researched information on specific disease conditions and treatments, and a full line of lab tests and supplements.
  • Mercola.com
    This is Dr. Joseph Mercola’s comprehensive natural health website.

Cancer Information

  • Cancer Options
    Cancer Options has developed specific complementary therapies that assist in the prevention, recurrence, and remission of cancer and also help extend the lives of those who suffer from cancer.
    (360) 437-2291
  • The Moss Reports
    (718) 636-4433
    Created by Ralph Moss, Ph.D., for general as well as individualized reports on specific cancers.

Newsletters and Journals

  • Healthsmart Today: Impakt Health
    $12 per year
  • Let’s Live Magazine
    (800) 676-4333
  • The Nutrition Reporter Monthly
    $26 per year
    Newsletter that summarizes recent medical research on vitamins, minerals, and herbs.
  • Taste for Life Magazine
    (603) 924 7271
    Free at health food stores
    Dr. Cass is a member of the editorial advisory board.
  • Total Health Magazine
    (888) 316-6051
    $16.95 per year
    Dr. Cass is associate editor.
  • Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients
    (360) 385-6021
    $54 per year
    Excellent journal providing scientific information on a wide variety of alternative medicine topics.
  • Women’s Health Letter
    (800) 728-2288
    $39 per year; free e-letter
    Excellent monthly newsletter edited by Nan Fuchs, Ph.D., and published by Soundview Publications, P.O. Box 467939, Atlanta, GA, 31146.

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