USA_FLAGIt’s been quite a week. Sean Croxton completed his Depression Sessions, where I did an interview on getting off psych meds, and the following day,  a Q & A. Then I had an interview with Marc David on the Future of Healing series which continues (free) for a while longer. Both of my interviews are on a drug-free approach to psychiatry, where we  look for root causes,  treat at the deepest level, and as naturally as possible.  You can purchase these series for lifetime access too.

I just found out that my Brain Cell Support Plus formula is  featured in the recent news release from Kyowa Hakko, USA, a well-respected Japanese-based manufacturer of quality branded ingredients. They said some cool things about it, and about me too. Here is their article, “Brain Cell Support Plus™ with Cognizin® Citicoline Supports Mental Energy“!

In celebration of this, for the first time ever I’m offering a 15% discount on Brain Cell Support Plus for month of July, while supplies last. Just use the code word, “brainlove” and you’re in!

For all of you who want to live a sustainable lifestyle and at affordable prices, I have a great solution. Check out the great discounts on food, bath and beauty, household goods, baby and kids’ stuff, and more at Thrive Market.

And have a very happy and safe Fourth of July (and Canada Day). A word of caution: fireworks emit a very high level of toxins so not to be a killjoy, but please be aware of the effects they can have on your health, both immediately by your contact with the smoke, and longterm by poisoning your environment. I just went to look up some sources for this and the first one I pulled up was this informative Newsweek article.

Here is another article that goes into more detail:

Fireworks – Cheap Thrills with Toxic Consequences

Be safe, be happy, and be healthy!

Yours in good health,


PS: Love your brain: don’t miss the Brain Cell Support Plus 15% off sale with the code word  “brainlove”!

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