I’m excited to announce that I’m a featured expert in a great upcoming event:

The Future of Healing Online Conference

You can register now for FREE by clicking here.

The all-video Future of Healing Online Conference goes live on June 22nd.

It showcases the voices of 70+ top professionals and thought-leaders who’ll help us step into new possibilities and a healthier future. These include me and many of my friends including Jeff Bland, David Perlmutter, Sara Gottfried, Mark Hyman, Jen Lana, and Fab Mancini. The conference explores cutting edge thinking in these diverse and fascinating realms: Nutrition, The Psychology of Eating, Functional Medicine, Cultural Transformation, Spiritual Awakening, The New Sexuality, Supplements Herbs and Medicinals, Planetary Health, Our Global Future, and much more…It’s really a super-summit!

We’ll be expanding the definition of healing like never before.

This will be the largest online conference of its kind, with interviews that are honest, in depth, edgy, information rich, and designed to give you some new inspirations and “aha” moments.

Marc David & Emily Rosen, founder and director of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating will be hosting this one-of-a-kind online event. They have a great track record in producing high level and well-loved conferences, and they’re committed to this one being their best ever. I think you’ll be impressed by their engaging style and the fascinating collection of passionate people they’ve brought together.

It’s time for an approach to healing that honors all of who we are – body, mind, heart, planet and soul. If you’re ready to step into the Future of Healing, then please join me.

Again, you can register for the Future of Healing Online Conference for FREE by clicking here.

Your in good health,


P.S. You really can’t go wrong here. You’ll also have the chance to buy the whole package too – a major update in this fast-moving world of health and healing. Just click here.

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