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I’m reporting from beautiful Vancouver, Canada, city of green parks and snow-capped mountains, with runners and bicyclists everywhere. I’m attending the 45th annual International Orthomolecular Medicine Today Conference, where, last year, I was inducted into the Hall of Fame. I stated by attending a meeting of our Board, and we have plans for expanded online education and international reach. Their Mindful Project is sponsoring a free webinar series  ADHD, Anxiety and Depression, Eating Disorders, and Substance Abuse, by my friend and colleague, Dr. James Greenblatt. It’s for both clinicians and for anyone else who is interested.

Great info at this International conference, and one very important, even life-saving piece was from cardiologist-turned-integrative-medicine speicalist, Dr. Tom Levy, who described how infection in teeth and gums, often undetected, leads to heart attacks and cancer by harboring deadly anerobic bacteria, and requires a readiy availble 3-D X-ray (and tuned-in dentist) to detect. For details, see his website, www.peakenergy.com.

Here is a quick review of current events, some just starting, others just ending, all great! Many have generous free gifts, just for signing up, are all available to purchase and save for later, too.

I had a problem with doing hidden links here, so I just spelled them all out– not so attractive but it is more likely to work!

Eat Dirt! Really? Yes, we evolved eating dirt and we actually need the microbes found in soil to keep our microbiome healthy. Josh Axe’s book tells you all about it, and if you don’t want to simply eat dirt from your garden, he tells you how to get these microbes from probiotic formulas and fermented foods to overcome the current near-epidemic of leaky gut, and regain and sustain your health. Free bonuses worth $300 with purchase, too!  TIME LIMITED. https://ju127.isrefer.com/go/edr/biobalance/

“Cure Your MInd in 5 Weeks: My Canadian-trained naturopath friend from Kenya, Dr. Ameet Aggarwal,  Executive Director, Foundation for Integrated Medicine in Africa (FIMA) has a wonderful new video series to explain how you can overcome anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD, relationships issues, physical illness and more, by first understanding how the brain and body relate to each other. Then he gives specific techniques and nutrients to heal yourself, beginning with a free video.      https://curemind.drameet.com/a/923/x53m2KGL

The Truth about Fat Loss: I love Jonny Bowden! He is the expert on weight loss – what to eat, what not to eat, busting the myths about fat, and explaining how it all fits together. You can listen to 30+ experts, many of my friends and faves, give you the real scoop. April 25 – May 2. All free. And bonuses just for signing up.  TODAY: my friends, integrative cardiologist, Dr. Steven Masley and Bulletproof’s Dave Asprey.      https://qt247.isrefer.com/go/TRUTH16reg/biobalance/

That Vitamin Movie: I’m in this movie, and it’s really good. Why take vitamins? What does each of them do? How do we know? Whom to believe? What do YOU need to take? View this entire movie free till May 4While I only got a few minutes there, Trevor King who produced the film is putting on a summit expanding on the material from the movie, and here I have an hour! More info on links etc after the free movie week.  5xhealth.ontraport.com/t?orid=62323&opid=31  

Reboot Your Brain series with neuronutrition expert Leah Lund ending today, with free replay tomorrow. I am a particpant, speaking on the downsides of medication, and providing natural options.  Today you can listen to Dr. Joseph Annibali (Amen Clinic) of whom I’m a big fan and whose book I endorsed. To quote him, much in alignment with my own thinking:

“You can’t always TALK your way out of ADD, Bipolar Spectrum, Tourette’s, and Severe Depression and even the brain damage caused by infections like Lyme Disease!”


The Brain Summit starts on Monday with lovely health coach, Erin Matlock where she interviewed me on using nutrients for the brain instead of medication, and beating addiction naturally.  Many of you have signed up for this already– you are in for a treat! 

May 2-6.    http://www.brainsummit.com?orid=45404&opid=12

Academy of Nutrition:  Meghan Telpner, “author, speaker, nutritionist, director of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition and head cheerleader of your life”, is presenting a unique, free all-day VIRTUAL conference, on May 11, with speakers, including me talking about food addiction, Q and A, and even, free bonuses (including mine). I love what she’s teaching— how to prepare food that is not only yummy and well-designed visually, but also promotes health in many ways, and even specifically for various conditions. She lives in my home town, Toronto where she knows my nieces— Andrea the Gastronaut and Erin the Total Wellness Consultant (must be genetic!). Meghan enthusiatically trains you to become a professional here. Hey, I just want to learn it for myself!  http://www.culinarynutrition.com/#a_aid=biobalance

Check these out, save for later– build your university level library of the latest health information, and take charge of your own health.



We have a 15% discount for a limited time on my CALM Natural Mind Formula which uses GABA-enhancing nutrients to calm your brain and body with no side effects or addiction. 

    Quoting RK from Baltimore:

“Taking a CALM after work is like taking a drink – only better. I feel relaxed, and the day’s worries seem to disappear. No hangover either!”


Yours in good health,

Hyla Cass M.D.

PS: Last newsletter someone complained about a typo and said it was unprofessional, and I should have it proof-read. Good idea, but the truth is, I write this myself, do all the typing and links, and sometimes, make mistakes despite my best efforts. I still prefer not to delegate it (keeps it personal and up-to-the-minute) and also, it goes out right after I write it which can be at odd times, too. I will assume that you will be forgiving here and focus on content! (like I’m trying to un-bold this and it’s not working. Oh well, would rather just get it out.)

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