Newsletter, May 5, 2015 – Summit Extravaganza!

SUMMITSI’m back from Toronto and getting ready to leave for Florida, to visit a unique holistic addiction treatment center, Serenity Springs, where they are using my Brain Recovery Program supplements in their program. Then I drive to West Palm Beach to visit the Hippocrates Health Institute which provides natural health care and education for a variety of conditions, where I will talk about natural approaches to treating autism. Then down to Hollywood,FL, where  I will attend the Association for Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) conference where my distributor, Tango Advanced Nutrition, has a booth carrying my Dr. Cass Brain Recovery products. There I will have a book signing for 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health. With hours of driving down the beautiful Florida east coast,  I’m delighted that I will have the following summits, and other recent ones that I purchased, to listen to… There are several summits either in process or about to start, each the equivalent of a university course with world experts. The simplest way to let you know about them and allow you to choose the ones you like (I love them all!) is to list them all here. They are free to listen to or watch on the first round, then you can purchase them to access whenever you like. Here they are: 1. The Healthy Traveler Summit with my friend Robyn Benson is on now, till May 10. When you sign on, you can download some remarkable bonuses from all 35 of the participating experts. 2. Anxiety Summit #3  I’m so excited that my pal, author and nutritionist extraordinaire, Trudy Scott, author of The Anxiety Solution is hosting Anxiety Summit #3, May 6-20 and the 25+ speakers are, as usual, the best of the best in their field— Dr. Daniel Amen on the various anxiety types, Dr. Ben Lynch on methylation, and 23 others, discussing issues of mold toxicity,  parasites, or hormone imbalance, to mention a few. I always learn from her summits! 3. The Glowing Skin Summit with the lovely Dr. Trevor Cates, ended yesterday. My video interview on the emotional aspects of skin quality and care played on April 30. You still have time to purchase the entire series. 4. The Food Revolution Summit ended May 3rd (sorry I didn’t mention it sooner: overload!) covering what has gone wrong with our food supply, what is right about it and what we can do about it in our own lives and communally to improve health. You can still buy the whole series for a nominal amount, and you can’t believe who the speakers are: hosted by Ocean Robbins, you’ll hear john Robbins (his famous Dad), Paul McCartney(!), Vani Hari – Food Babe, and many more luminaries. Other stuff… 5. Thrive Market! Get all the healthy foods and products that are not readily available at your local market, shipped to your door, and at a discount! It turns out that their headquarters are 1/2 mile form my home and office! I visited them recently a bike-ride away, and they are the coolest group of engaged, enthusiastic and innovative individuals. It was fun just hanging out at their office. They are also growing by leaps and bounds. Get 1 month’s free membership and 15% discount on your first order when you use the link above. See you next time! hyla_sig Hyla

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