Newsletter, Feb. 21, 2013 – Addiction, Guns, Drugs and Violence

Dear Friend, Greetings on this beautiful day in Southern Cal, where I’m looking out my window at the sun shining on deep green hills. Hmmm — looks like it’s time for hike when I finish this. This newsletter will be a potpourri of what I’m doing lately, a new dinner plan, my Huff Po blog, and more — all the things I’ve saved up to tell you. You may want to save this and refer to it for these various resources. It will also go up on my website as an archive. I just got back from several exciting conferences where I networked with colleagues, and learned a lot:The Evolution of Addiction Treatment in LA, where I spoke about using natural supplements to help ease the withdrawal and cravings associated with coming off substances, prescription meds included, based on my new ebook, The Addicted Brain and How to Break Free. Then, down Century Blvd. to the LAX Hilton (which has real crystals in the chandeliers and good feng-shui) where I moderated a panel at Conscious Life Expo on the toxins in our environment — polluted water, Frankenfoods, EMFs, bad air, etc. Check their websites for great info and resources. Then, to the beautiful and evocative Paris Hotel, Las Vegas, where it feels a little like a real Parisian Boulevarde. At the Nevada Psychiatric Association 18th Annual Psychopharmacology Update, I addressed 1200 psychiatrists on “The Botanical Origins of Psychopharmacological Agents.” I was really happy to find that my colleagues were so interested in how to incorporate a more natural approach to their psychiatric practices. They asked lots of questions — most of which were “how do we learn more about how to do this?” Very cool! I had to leave early to keynote at the Alliance for Addiction Solutions training on the use of supplements, oral and intravenous, in detox and recovery. They have a very informative website — check it out! On Thurs Feb 21, 4 PM PST, I’ll be interviewed by the lovely and talented host, my friend Lisa Garr on Gaiam TV’s Inspirations on “The Inside Scoop on (Natural) Healing.” The show will be archived on their website, too. On Mar 1-3, I’ll be at the always fun and informative Health Freedom Expo in Long Beach, CA, speaking about The Addicted Brain and How to Break Free. More presentations coming up — see my events page for details. In fact, that’s how you can keep up with my activities and travels, and find me if you like! I love running into friends and readers (who are friends that I just may not yet have met yet) at these events. My good friend and divine food expert, Leanne Ely has a yummy and convenient new program: menu plans of healthy, delicious meals for your family, and a shopping list to go along with each. Great food, great deal! Click here for more information. For non-cooking days, check out these healthy, organic, low cal, and tasty frozen dinners delivered to your door in boxes of 12 for under $100 (i.e. $8 per meal) by Artisan Bistro. They save my life regularly! Use my practitioner code 722387 for $10 discount. My Huffington Post blog was published today on Guns, Drugs, and Violence — have a look! Consider that one of the side effects of psychotropic meds is violence — suicidal and homicidal behavior. Read my blog for details. On a more uplifting note, I want it remind you to check out my good friend, brain expert Dr. Daniel Amen’s new book, Unleash the Power of the Female Brain. It offers eye-opening insights into the unique characteristics and needs of the female brain in a practical, prescriptive program targeted specifically for women — to help them thrive. This book is not for women only, but also for the men who love and want to understand them. Click here. I’d love to hear from you on Facebook! Have a vibrant day! I’m trying to get out for a quick hike in the hills during a break.   Yours in good health,   Hyla Cass, MD

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