Newsletter, June 14, 2014 – Anxiety Summit, Thyroid Series and Staying CALM!


It’s summit season, and I’m presenting today, Saturday, June 14, on “The Addicted Brain and How to Break Free.” You can listen on demand for 24 hours for free at The Anxiety Summit, 9 AM Sat to 9 AM Sunday. Continuing till June 22, the sessions are unique, informative and inspiring.It’s nearly summer and all is well…and busy.

Here is info that has taken us experts years to accumulate, and you can have it right here and now, at no charge. If you can’t listen in the 24 hr period, you can purchase the whole series for a nominal amount. Just click here.

I finally got to play my recent  Thyroid Summit interview with Dr. David Brownstein on “A holistic psychiatrist’s approach to thyroid disorders.” I was totally blown away and very grateful to see over 90 very thoughtful and appreciative comments from listeners. Here is just one of them:

    “Such a power packed informative session. Took copious notes and am SO GRATEFUL for your willingness to share and to teach so clearly how we can be more in charge of our health. Dr. Cass is a brilliant physician and teacher.

Who knew? See the rest of the comments here. I didn’t realize that people would really get it to the extent they did, how hungry you all are for good health information.

I do get truly happy when I feel you all out there, knowing I did something to help change your life and your health. It’s why I do what I do! Most days, I sit in my office with a patient, or at my computer, or on the phone – all with little feedback on how I’m doing. So I just got bunch of love and wow, does it feel amazing!! All worth it.

If you missed the thyroid summit you can still purchase the whole series here. I did!

I’ll catch you up on my goings-on, to allow you to participate in any that you’re able to. Here goes:

  • I just completed a conference call with fellow members of the Board of Governors of The Placencia Health Group that is planning a Medical Free Zone in Belize, to allow us to do all the wonderful medical procedures  and research that we are unable to do in the US. I will tell you more as we have news, but it’s really heating up, with investors, top tier docs, the works! Let me know if you have any interest here. Our website is in development, too.
  • Preparing presentations for The Healing Revolution in Asheville, NC in July – for the public too, so please come if you live nearby!
  • I’ve been giving presentations, with my colleague David Mayen, on the successful use of neurofeedback (brainwave biofeedback) for chemobrain. The audiences are really excited about this first real breakthrough in treating the serious brain deficits that often occur after chemo and last for years!

Now I’m off to:

  • Respond to patients emails: Besides my office, I have a virtual practice, and email is the preferred method of communication. I also just spoke to a patient in Europe.
  • Pour out my handfuls of vitamins for the week, into little plastic cups with lids, so I don’t have to do it twice daily, one bottle at a time.
  • Go to local Farmer’s Market and get fresh veggies for the week to make a soup, and have enough kale and other greens for my AM smoothies.
  • Go for a run from my place to the beach, where I can also take off my shoes, run on the sand, and touch Mother Earth – good for grounding!
  • Go babysit for my amazing and adorable grandkids, Jacob and Maya (my favorite activity of all!).

Since the current summit is on Anxiety, I want to tell you about one of my best selling supplements, CALM Natural Mind.

“Taking a CALM after work is like taking a drink only better!
I feel relaxed and the day’s worries seem to disappear.
No hangover either!” – RW, Baltimore, MD

CALM helps to stabilize your mood and relieving stress — without side effects, impairment, drowsiness, or loss of judgment. At the heart of the CALM formula are seven ingredients that, in the proper dosages and potencies, have been shown to work together to regulate brain chemistry as described here.


Yours in good health,

Hyla Cass, MD

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