Newsletter, March 11, 2015 – Upgrade your health – so many ways!

I just returned from the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim, where I ran into many friends and colleagues, and got to sample a lot of natural goodies (ummm, maybe too many…) — from subtly flavored waters, to gluten-free snacks, veggie chips and more. I avoided the cookies and bars– had to stop somewhere! I saw lot of new supplements as well, and will report as I try them out on myself and my patients. See photos on my Facebook page, too.Next on my agenda is the MAPS conference in Costa Mesa CA, on dealing with autism from a biological/nutritional standpoint, looking at root causes and treating accordingly. The organization has a list of local practitioners too.Then in just over a week,  I will be speaking at the Integrated Health Conference, below, and scroll down for more: Dr. Mercola’s new book, Effortless Heaing; The MUSE for effortless meditation; RESTORE for gut healing; Michael Gelb’s new webinar on awakening your inner genius; and a unique water treatment system.

            Please join me Mar 20-22 at the Integrated Health International Conference– in beautiful San Diego, in person or by livestream, where I’ll be speaking about the Successful Treatment of Chemobrain with Neurofeedback and Supplements. And more: Inspiring Education
Be inspired by learning dozens of powerful healing modalities and solutions for boosting the immune system, increasing cardiovascular health, enhancing neuro-regenerative processes, improving energy and stamina, releasing toxic buildup, overcoming debilitating addiction, and shedding unwanted pounds. Uplifting Entertainment
Health and healing does not have to only be serious… living a fully healthy life also means having fun, dancing to a good song, hearing a hilarious joke, having a great laugh or a good smile, receiving a wonderful hug or giving a hug of gratitude to someone else.Health is everything in life, but what’s life with health if you are not happy? Enjoy fun and uplifting entertainment to take your levels of joy and happiness to the next level. The Latest Research and Science
Keeping up to date with the latest in scientific breakthroughs and research can be challenging…especially when most scientific research is not connected. The Integrated Health Conference provides a platform for the leaders who stay in-the-know with the latest science and breakthroughs to all come together in one place and bring forth their latest findings. Incredible Healing Stories
Knowing how someone else was able to overcome cancer or other degenerative diseases can be very empowering… but hearing how 2, 3, or even 5 people did it… now that’s true power! You will not only learn from people who have overcome cancer and other illnesses, but you will get to meet them and many others and connect with them first hand. Healing Modalities, Devices and Resources
With nearly 100 vendors all sharing their latest devices, gizmos, resources, samples and healing modalities throughout the weekend, you will get to test what’s new and also what’s been working for many, and decide for yourself if that particular device can help you or your patients on the healing journey. And a Lot More! Go Here for All the Details and time limited discounted tickets. Don’t miss this very special opportunity to be a part of a global movement and educate yourself with the latest in healing and vital living while having fun in beautiful San Diego.

I’d also like to share some amazing work my good friends and colleagues are creating!  Keep reading…

Dr. Mercola’s Effortless Healing My recent interview with Dr. Mercola on The Dangers of Antidepressants and Natural Alternatives was a great success. People are simply fed up with the side effects and non-effects of the drugs, and turning toward natural methods of balancing their brain chemistry. I also just read Dr. Mercola’s cool new book, Effortless Healing: 9 Simple Ways to Sidestep Illness, Shed Excess Weight, and Help Your Body Fix Itself. It has the info that I want people to know all in one place– practical, simple, and profound in it’s reach and ability to change your health. Click HERE  to have a look inside. I couldn’t put it down.

www.choosemuse.comExploring the Effects of Mindfulness Training on Memory Ever try to meditate but just couldn’t do it “right?” Enter the MUSE: a device that gives you immediate feedback, keeping you on track and helping you to reach and stay in a meditative state much more easily. And the results are tangible:   Now anyone can protect their brain against the effects of stress and improve their emotional state with mindfulness training. See how training your ability to pay attention and avoid distraction with Muse is just like physical exercise for the mind. A study showed that 20 minutes of focused attention training for 3 days in a row has been shown to reduce anxiety, improve mood, and reduce heart rate. Research on longer sessions has documented other benefits, like increased grey matter density, reduced thinning of the prefrontal cortex, decreasing amygdala activity (associated with stress response), and increased resilience – basically, an overall beneficial change of the brain’s structure and function. Click here.

RESTORE! I am so excited about this new product that I discovered at Natural Products Expo. I met the Chief Medical Officer, Zach Bush MD, who has helped to develop this remarkable supplement that addresses one of the main problems that I see in my practice daily: leaky gut and leaky brain! Caused by allergens and inflammatory agents such as gluten that cause gaps between the cells that allow the toxins to enter, we have a remedy here that appears to close this gap and restore the “tight junction.” Some of you will have heard about this all-too-common condition in the Healthy Gut Summit.
Made in the U.S.A., RESTORE is a plant-derived mineral supplement that actually creates a firewall against toxins entering the gut wall. This creates a biological environment for good gut bacteria to flourish. Without healthy gut bacteria, neurotransmitters like serotonin won’t flourish, and that is key to optimal gut and brain health. I am recommending this to my patients of all ages. CLICK HERE for more info..

Getting Creative! My long-time friend Michael Gelb is doing a FREE webinar on Sat Mar 14 (10am PDT/1pm EDT) on the key principles for igniting and sustaining the fire of genius in you. A New York Times bestselling author and considered one of the foremost thought leaders on the application of genius-thinking to personal and organizational development here’s what he’ll teach you: How to awaken your Creative Universal Energy (CUE) Practices that help you “clear the static” that can block your ability to tune in to your genius, and ways to develop an “attitude of genius” – like Leonardo da Vinci.

The Water Filter Question — and Answer!I am constantly emphasizing that you must use filtered water for drinking, showering, and swimming if you want to maintain (or regain) your health. And I am always asked about which system to buy. I believe I have found the answer: my friend Ken Guoin from Santa Barbara, has developed a unique system called Perfect Water Worldwide. I have one in my home and besides being free of chemicals, and all the bad stuff that endangers our health, the water tastes like natural spring water, while my shower water no longer smells like chlorine, and feels soft and really cleansing. I am on their board of advisors and they have generously offered a discount to my readers with the code cassmd. Their mission statement  is “to create innovative, chlorine-free, no-waste, ‘green’ technologies for drinking, bathing, showering, and swimming.” Check it out! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ That’s it for now: the Integrated Health Conference in San Diego, Effortless Heaing book, The MUSE for meditation, RESTORE for gut healing, awakening your creativity, and a unique water treatment system. Yours in good health

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