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Greetings! As usual, lots going on. I’m preparing for a presentation this Tuesday evening, April 19, at The Human Garage (human garage.net, where we go for body and mind realignment), on “Reclaim Your Brain”: Natural ways to enhance your brain, as well as safely and effectviely stop substances of abuse and meds. Come on by if you can! RSVP, since it looks like a nearly full house already.

Later this week, I will be going to Dr. Ben Lynch’s SHEICON 2016 event April 21-24 (availablelivestream too), in Scottsdale. If you’ve attended prior Anxiety Summits with Trudy Scott, you’re familiar with Dr. Lynch’s great work on methylation. Here is a blog with snippets from one of the interviews: How Methylfolate can make you Feel Worse and even Cause Anxiety, and What to do about it

I am flying a day early and driving up to Sedona to visit 3 centers — and hope to catch a sunset like that above, too. I’ll send pictures to myfacebook page too. 

Just click on all the underlined headers to link to the events:

  • The Alternative to Meds Center, (founder and director, Lyle Murphy) specializes in a functional medicine approach to substance and medication detox, including heavy metal (e.g. mercury) detox.
  • The Sanctuary, (founder and director Dean Taraborelli) A lovely non- 12 step holistic addiction treatment center with a strong spiritual aspect, and additional focus on nutrition and physical health
  • The Biocybernaut Institute This is an amazing center for brain transformation founded by James Hardt, who I first visited years ago in Palo Alto on the personal recommendation of Dr. Andrew Weil.
  • I’m excited about all this and hope to sneak in a hike too.

Now for all the virtual info. It looks like a lot but you can sort through it and decide what you would like to focus on. And they are all available to save for later. They are roughly in order from current to future events. 

Hormones can be very confusing, to say the least. Join me today with all 35 speakers on the Hormones: A Women’s Wellness Summit being replayed for free. If you missed the series, there are 30+ hours of expert presentations available online and as instant downloads.You can click here to simply purchase the whole program (I did) and listen whenever you like- and it’s your last chance to purchase before prices go up.

The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest Series is in the midst of a free replay, and they are doing an amazing job about educating us on the inside story about cancer from all angles. I participated in it as well as an expert and have a great deal of respect for Ty Bollinger as an interviewer and questioner  of the status quo.

Eat Dirt! Really? Yes, we evolved eating dirt and we actually need the microbes found in soil to keep our microbiome healthy. Josh Axe’s book tells you all about it, and if you don’t want to simply eat dirt from your garden, he tells you how to get these microbes from probiotic formulas and fermented foods to overcome the current near-epidemic of leaky gut, and regain and sustain your health.

The Lyme Disease Summit with Jay Davidson was great and I am still listening to the series. Most of the 300,000+ people infected with lyme Disease don’t even know it! And it is the “Great Masquerader.” Could your symptoms be caused by Lyme? You can still listen to the 30+ expert presentation, and learn cutting edge information.

Cure Your Mind in 5 Weeks: My Canadian-trained naturopath friend from Kenya, Dr. Ameet Aggarwal, has a wonderful new video series to explain how you can overcome anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD, relationships issues, physical illness and more, by first understanding how the brain and body relate to each other. Then he gives specific techniques and nutrients to heal yourself, beginning with this a free video.

The Truth About Fat Loss Summit with Jonny Bowden: I love Jonny Bowden! He is the expert on weight loss – what to eat, what not to eat, busting the myths about fat, and explaining how it all fits together. You can listen to 30+ experts, many of my friends and faves, give you the real scoop. April 25 – May 2All free. And bonuses just for signing up.

That Vitamin MovieI’m in this movie, and its really good. Why take vitamins? What does each of them do? How do we know? Whom to believe? What do YOU need to take? View a 30 minute sample here and this entire movie free for 7 days starting April 25.

While I only got a few minutes there, Trevor King who produced the film is putting on a summit expanding on the material from the movie, and here I have an hour! More info on links etc after the free movie week.

Reboot Your Brain with neuronutrition expert Leah Lund— and I am in it, speaking on the downsides of medication and what to do about it.  I will be sending a separate email on Friday, but I wanted to give you a head’s up. It’s on May 2-10.

The Brain Summit with lovely health coach, Erin Matlock where we’re doing an interview on using nutrients for the brain instead of medication, and beating addiction naturally.  May 2-6. I will have the link to it later in the week in a separate email.

Academy of Nutrition: Meghan Telpner, “author, speaker, nutritionist, director of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition and head cheerleader of your life”, ispresenting a unique, free all-day VIRTUAL conference, on May 11,  with speakers, Q and A, and even, swag. I love what she’s teaching— how to prepare food that is not only yummy and well designed visually but promotes health in many ways, and even specifically for various conditions. She can cook for me anytime! She trains you to become a professional here. Hey, I just want to learn it for myself!  For more info and to sign up, click here. 

Mark Waldman PhD, is one of the world’s leading experts on consciousness, communication, spirituality, and the brain. He teaches people exactly what enlightenment does to the brain and what practices we can use — RIGHT NOW — to induce these “higher” states.  He will explain what types of practices DO and DON’T produce these states.  Check out this free ebook: 10 Discoveries About the Brain

The movie Vaxxed is about a CDC coverup of serious harm that was caused to children, particularly African American boys, who were given the MMR vaccine – which continues to be given to this day. This movie is not anti-vaccine, but a cautionary exposition of how we have to question the medical authorities who are ruled by other than your best interest. Have a look at this latest newsletter. Playing now in Santa Monica to sold-out audiences, and at other locations as well. Click here for more info.

The Allergy Solution: Unlock the Surprising, Hidden Truth about Why You Are Sick and How to Get Well, written by Leo Galland MD whom I have known and admired for years along with his talented son, Jonathan Galland JD. If you have ANY unexplained symptoms, like fatigue, weight gain, or pain, or complaints that don’t go away, like brain fog, digestive trouble, or insomnia, but are not satisfied by masking the symptoms with more pills, you need a solution. You could have allergies– and not with the standard itching and sneezing, but with more subtle and nefarious processes going on inside you. This book  gives you a checklist and questionnaire that can help you discover whether your health problems might be due to hidden allergy. It shows you how to prevent heartburn without drugs, fix your digestion, cultivate the healthy bacteria necessary for immunity, provides a way to detoxify your life, relax in mind and body, and lose weight. For people with seasonal allergies, it has a chapter on nasal and sinus allergies.  There is also a chapter on asthma,  a condition which effects 30 million Americans. From the authors:”We are excited to bring to light scientific research from leading medical centers around the world and provide hundreds of references to medical journals.” Check it out on amazon!

Whew! that was a lot but I prefer letting you have the whole schedule up front so you can plan. Truth is, it helps me too. There is so much going on that I get confused! My M.O. is – I just check them out and buy the ones I like so I don’t have to choose. But that’s me – I have an amazing library!

Yours in Good Health,

Hyla Cass MD


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