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30% of people experience insomnia at some point in their lives. Almost everyoe who comes to see me has a sleep problem, and the causes are not all the same. I help to sort this out– wheither it’s stress causing high night-time cortisol, or hormonal imbalance, or nutritional deficiency, to name a few. I then offer individualized solutions. NOW, here’s a chance to inform and empower yourself– and learn the how’s, why’s, and solutions to poor sleep.

Sleep affects every aspect of your life. Yet, for most, restful sleep is a complete mystery! To improve anything, you must start with sleep. Sleep heals illness. Sleep reduces stress. Like diet and exercise, sleep is a pillar of wellness. Did you know..

  • Those who sleep next to a snoring partner lose one hour of sleep each night.
  • 25% of children diagnosed with ADD or ADHD have a sleep disorder. When fixed, these symptoms disappear.
  • One night of sleep deprivation can put your body into a diabetic state!
  • A decrease in sleep by 1.5 hours reduces performance by 32%.
  • Reaction time after staying awake for 17-19 hours is worse than a 0.05% blood alcohol level.

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If you learn even one fact from one expert that changes your life, it will be worth it!

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Nightly CALM™ with Valerian

Product Details
Nightly CALM is CALM plus valerian, a traditional herb that is often referred to as “Nature’s V*alium.” I developed this formula that helps you fall asleep, stay asleep, and awaken refreshed and rejuvenated. Sleep is a prime component in your body’s ability to resist stress. With poor sleep, you are more prone to anxiety, impaired memory and cognition (or “foggy brain.”). Sleep even affects the immune system and metabolism: good sleep even protects you from both illness and overweight!
  • Nightly CALM can help you fall asleep naturally and effortlessly, and can help you continue to sleep soundly through the night.
  • Awaken refreshed and energized, feeling and functioning at your very best!
  • Nightly CALM is a perfect alternative to potentially harmful medications and unhealthy substances of dependency and addiction.
Dearest Dr. Cass, I would be dead if it were not for your Nightly CALM formula. Thank you ever so much for your research. … I could not do this psychiatric orthomolecular type without you and your team at Tango nutrition. Esther H.




 The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Summit was a great success! We all heard the world experts on this really scary condition– and who doesn’t know someone who is affected by it? And that includes not just the person with the condition, but the entire family as well. Join in to find out what you can, and should do NOW because taking action now is the key to protecting your brain health and the brain health of your loved ones. The summit is over but you can still purchase the 32 video presentations, audio recordings, full transcripts, PowerPoint Presentations, and get 18 bonus gifts here:


Check out novel, life- saving uses of  melaleuca or tea tree plant extract, for a variety of antibiotic resistant bacterial as well as viral infections– colds, flus, chronic hidden diseases, even mycobacteria (like tuberculosis), and LYME DISEASE!  He discovered how to remove the terpenes so that for the first time, this traditional healing oil could be ingested safely. You can read the research here. Called 98Alive for it’s 98 active plant constituents, now you can order it straight from Australia (shipping is the same to the US too). 

For a morning wake-up, a mid-day pick-me-up, or raise your MOOD!  I want to introduce my latest, formulated for my friends at Pourapak. Made up of neurotransmitter precursors, amino acids and vitamins, it clears your brain fog and gives you quick, sustained brain energy.  The circulation-enhancing herb, vinpocetine carries it to your brain cells where it produces the neurotransmitters dopamine, for focus, alertness and motivation, norepinephrine for a great mood, and acetylcholine for a sharp mind and memory.

The delivery system is also unique: a crystalline powder in an individual packet. You just open it up, drop the contents under your tongue, and in minutes, the powder is absorbed into your hungry brain cells, where it makes the needed neurotransmitters. You’re energized but without caffeine jitters or let-down, and it lasts for hours. Check it out here. Scroll down for more info.

 I am now a believer July 14, 2016
Reviewer: M Negron from Union City, NJ United States

I didn’t believe at first as most energy drinks promise to give you a boost of energy and I usually feel nothing.  After hearing about BrainGo, I was skeptical at first but when I poured the powder in my mouth it was like a bolt of lightning.  I don’t want to sound cliché but I felt like I drank a cup of strong Americano coffee on an empty stomach.  I felt alert and energized almost instantly.  You don’t need a full pack either.  What was more surprising is I felt like I could run a few miles so I decided to go to the gym after work. I never, ever do that.   This is exactly the motivation I need to get to the gym daily! What I like best is it doesn’t have caffeine and it is all natural.  Can’t get better then this and it’s also cheaper then starbucks!

More great reviews: CLICK HERE!

You can buy it here, and use my discount. 

Yours in good health,

Hyla Cass MD

PS: Don’t forget to sign up for the Sleep Summit or simply order it.  And order the wildly successful Alzheimer’s and Dementia Summit. I learned a lot! 

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