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’Tis the season: Christmas lights in the streets, Christmas music in the malls— and it’s supposed to be getting colder too, though not here in sunny southern California. It’s nearly Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays, where I get to hang with my precious daughter and grandkids, and eat yummy food. And this is only a small piece of what I have to be grateful for! I have many blessings in my life and I wish you the same.

This is a packed newsletter since I have accumulated a lot of material. However, you have all of the Thanksgiving holiday to go over it.

 Farewell and Godspeed, Burton Goldberg unnamed-2

Together at his recent 90th birthday celebration 

I want to first share a loss — to myself and our community, of my friend and mentor,  Burton Goldberg Visionary, master healer, and a man who made magic wherever he went, passed away on November 13th, 2016 at the age of 90. After a successful career as a businessman, later in life he found his true passion for healing and became known as “The Voice of Alternative Medicine.” I was fortunate to have shared in his 90th birthday celebration recently in Northern California, with a wonderful group of family and friends. He was truly one of a kind and will be missed greatly. He interviewed me for  two of his documentaries, one on Natural Approaches to Depression and another on Natural Approaches to Addiction. When I just looked at his website to gather some information, I found this beautifully crafted article on brain chemistry, and how we can change it with nutrition. I feel blessed to be mentioned in it but more than that— he says it better than anyone else I know, including me! Have a look.

Burton, may your brilliant loving soul rest in peace.

Where I Have Been

unnamed-3Autumn in Toronto

 Despite living in Southern California, I did have a chance to see the leaves turning to glorious reds, oranges and yellows, in my home town,Toronto, recently when I spoke at the Integrative Healthcare Symposium (IHS), Canada. My topic was Targeted Nutrients for the Brain. Their next IHS conference is in New York, February 23-25, and I plan on being there, too.  While in Toronto I visited with family and also dropped in on my buddy, Sachin Patel at his innovative integrative health center in Mississauga, the Living Proof Institute. Sachin is doing great work, much in alignment with my own. We talked about how we can best collaborate.

Just before Toronto I was at the AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE (AAEM) conference in San Diego on The Role of Mitochondria in Heath and Disease, with experts like Drs. Richard Horowitz (lyme), William Rea (environmental sensitivity), Burt Berkson (toxins), Peter Bogiorno (mood), and Dan Rossignol (autism). We also heard the latest on how to detect and treat environmental toxins from heavy metals to volatile hydorcarbons and ever-present and destructive molds.

Exponential Medicine Conference by Singularity University

I attended the amazing Exponential Medicine conference in San Diego on the future of medicine and technology, produced by Singularity University where we heard about everything from nano-bots for diagnosis and treatment, sophisticated artificial limbs controlled by the brain and other wonders that are before us. I would like to have seen more functional medicine the mix, since it pointedly omitted our being a part of nature, and how we carry our own healing potential within us.  The good news is that Mark Hyman was one of the featured speakers and as always, did a remarkable job of informing and inspiring. Moreover, the chair of the  conference , Dan Kraft MD went on to be a speaker at Jeff Bland’s Personalized Medicine conference just after that, so cross fertilization is happening! See more, too, Tikkun Olam Makers/ArnonZamir in my report, The Future Of Medicine is Here: A Collaboration of Technology and Heart,  in my Huffington Post blog.

10 Things to watch, read and learn from: 


Betrayal: Tom O’Bryan’s FREE 7-part Betrayal Series on Autoimmune Disease complements his book, The Autoimmune Fix book and is playing, a new episode each day, for the next few days. You can also catch the free replays this (Thanksgiving) weekend, or buy the series for only $47 for a limited time. I’m in it too, along with 85 of the world’s leading doctors, scientists and researchers as well as autoimmune patients who have reversed their disease. Watching ads on TV this morning for highly toxic medications for such autoimmune conditions as psoriasis and Crohn’s Disease, while the identified patients are eating bread (!) and other autoimmune causing foods as they enjoy a picnic, makes me realize how desparately this information is needed. Thanks Tom for doing this. Don’t miss this series and please pass it on!

Check it all out here

 The Radiant Health Show

I will be on “The Radiant Health Show podcast with Dr. Christine Horner”  Tues, Nov 22  and Nov 29 (and archived) talking about how I differ in my approach from conventional docs in diagnosing and treating psychiatric conditions. Details will be posted here  


I am not talking about the legalization of marijuana in California, a discussion for another time, but the resurgence of research into the use of psychoactive substances for psychotherapy. I recently participated in a documentary film by Pedram Shojai called “A Fresh Look at Psychedelics (check it out!),where I discussed the past research and now, new uses of these materials for treating a variety of psychiatric disorders such as PTSD, OCD, and depression.


I will be also be attending and reporting on an upcoming conference in Oakland, CA, Psychedelic Science 2017 where scientists, doctors, therapists, students, educators, policymakers, artists, and others from around the world will come together to share recently completed and ongoing research into the risks and benefits of psychedelics and medical marijuana for science, medicine, spirituality, creativity, and more.


My dear and talented friend of many years, Penny Price, who invited me to be on the Geraldo Show years ago when she was a segment producer there, just completed a  documentary, The Healing Field – Exploring Energy & Consciousness. I’m in it along with Bruce Lipton, Beverly Rubik, Candace Pert (whose as yet unreleased documentary of her life I’m in), and more.. It won a 2016 Telly Award and will be aired on PBS 2017-19. It features One Light Healing Touch, along with a variety of other powerful healing methods. ($20+Sh.) See the trailer here/purchase:  www.pennypricemedia.com.


The Truth About Cancer (TTAC) Ultimate Live Symposium is broadcasting free online, over Thanksgiving weekend. The TTAC Ultimate Live Symposium was 2016’s biggest live event in the health and wellness world, with 40+ leading voices in the world of alternative health and medicine, including me. The conference was completely sold out – there were over 1,600 people there, and it was amazing. My friends at TTAC are rebroadcasting all the talks over Thanksgiving weekend – for free. Don’t miss it! TTAC Live will give you potent resources to help you stay healthy in a toxic world, and to fight and prevent Cancer and other chronic diseases. And it’s all packed into one dynamic weekend. Go here to register and take time over this Thanksgiving weekend to watch the entire conference. I realize it’s not entertainement per se, but very important information that could likely be life-saving.


Dr. Mark Hyman’s Fat Summit 2 just ended, and tens of thousands listened to experts as they dispelled the biggest MYTHS about eating fat, and revealed the latest research about how to eat, move and supplement your diet for improved health (and to possibly prevent/reverse chronic diseases!).The good news is, you not only can purchase the entire program, but even if you don’t, there are FREE BONUSES you can get just for the asking! https://qt247.isrefer.com/go/fat162order/biobalance

For Practitioners: Transform Your Practice!

My buddy and someone I admire tremendously for the difference he’s making in functional medicine, James Maskell, has created a program called that goes along with his new book, The Evolution of Medicine to help streamline the practice of functional medicine. I love what he’s up to and so will you. unnamed-8

Daniel Amen’s new book: The Brain Warrior’s Way,

 Everything comes from your brain: Your moods, your health, your willpower, your relationship success or failure, your energy level, your cravings…

To change your life, you must change your brain, and my friend, Dr. Daniel Amen literally “wrote the book” on how to do just that. Called The Brain Warrior’s Way, it presents an easy-to-implement brain-based approach to changing your health, and your life. Act now to preorder this $20 treasure, and you will get some great goodies. Click Here

One diet book you need this season is The New Fat Flush Plan from my good friend Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS. Learn the new rules of weight loss from the woman who defied conventional dietary wisdom.


unnamed-10My flagship 2 Bottle Formula Brain Recovery AM&PM 

Whether you’re withdrawing from a medication or another substance, or simply want to attain brain balance with the use of nutritional supplements, this formula has been my go-to product for years, with periodic tweaksas the science and my own experience progress. Brain Recovery AM&PM helps to raise low moods,  calm agitation, enhance motivation, lower cravings, support your liver, combat stress and a lot more. How? By being a unique combo of ingredients that you’d otherwise have to take in 5 or more different formulas, all in one convenient formula. Brain Recovery AM&PM is ON SPECIAL FOR A LIMITED TIME, 15% OFF! Once the sale is done, it’s done.  Details here.

unnamed-5Perfect Water Worldwide. I love my water filter! Smells good, tastes good, and I know I’m drinking and showering in water that is just the way nature intended it to be.  My friend Ken has created state-of-the-art, innovative, health enhancing “green” technologies for drinking, bathing, showering and swimming: pure, ionized, mineralized and alkaline. He has a great free-standing purifier and dispenser of hot and cold water for the workplace. Just developed is an ozone sauna and an ozone bath– both great for doctors’ offices, spas and homes. CLICK HERE


unnamed-5Check out novel, life- saving uses of  melaleuca or tea tree plant extract, for a variety of antibiotic resistant bacterial as well as viral infections– colds, flus, chronic hidden diseases, even mycobacteria (like tuberculosis), and LYME DISEASE! Researcher and  developer of 98Alive, Prof Max Reynolds discovered how to remove the terpenes so that for the first time, this traditional healing oil could be ingested safely. You can read the research here. Called 98Alive for it’s 98 active plant constituents, now you can order it straight from Australia (shipping is the same to the US too).

unnamed-12For a morning wake-up, a mid-day pick-me-up, or raise your MOOD, check out my latest product,  BrainGO! Made up of neurotransmitter precursors, amino acids and vitamins, it clears your brain fog and gives you quick, sustained brain energy. No water needed, You just open it up, drop the contents under your tongue, and in minutes, the powder is absorbed into your hungry and tired brain cells, where it makes the needed neurotransmitters. You’re energized but without caffeine jitters or let-down, and this lasts for hours. Check it out here. 

unnamed-13Great deals at Thrive Market! Online organic fresh and packaged foodfoods, and non-toxic household supplies, all at a discount. CLICK HERE!

So take your time to check this all out, watch some informative life-saving films, enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend, and take time to remember what you are grateful for!

Yours in good health,

Hyla Cass MD

PS. Enjoy your week, your holiday and your weekend. Share your gratitude. Share this newseltter with friends and family– it could be lifesaving!

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