5-HTP and CALM

Anonymous Staff asked 5 months ago

I just started taking Dr. Cass’s Calm mind (bought from Amazon) and I love it. I read great reviews on her 5 HTP. Right now I am taking 40 mg of paxil for panic attacks/anxiety/depression. I started at 20mg and was all the way up to 60mg and now am done to taking 40mg. Would I be able to take 5 HTP with paxil if I am trying to wean off, I have read mixed information, most say no, but I see on here are using it wean off ssri’s. I would really like to try it, can I take it on alternate days meaning paxil 1 day, 5 htp the next?

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Hyla Cass, MD Staff answered 5 months ago

Valid question! The theoretical issue of combining 5 HTP with SSRI’s is serotonin overload leading to possible serotonin syndrome, an overactivity of the nervous system with such symptoms as spiking blood pressure, rapid heart rate, sweating, nausea, and more . However in my year of experience I have not seen it, and have had great success in using 5 HTP to help wean people off SSRIs. In fact it replenishes serotonin lost by prolonged use of SSRIs.

Dose them at least 4 hours apart. I have people gradually decrease the SSRI in increments based on your own tolerance- -anywhere from 10-20% decrease every 2 weeks or so (can tailor it based on response), as you increase the 5 HTP. I have a description of how to wean off meds in my book, The Addicted Brain and How to Break Free. Also check with your medical doctor if you have concerns here. Unfortunately most have little understanding of this process. Let me know what happens.

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