Brain Recovery and Brain Cell Support Supplements – Treatment Length

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Anonymous asked 5 years ago

I took Effexor for 9 years, and am now suffering from cognitive impairment (trouble assimilating new ideas, trouble focusing, etc.). In the Depression Sessions Q&A, a similar question was asked, and Dr. Cass suggested the person take the Brain Recovery and Brain Cell Support supplements. I’ve now ordered these supplements, and I have the following questions: 1) How many months’ worth of supplements should I order? 2) Will I feel an improvement after only 1 month, or do I need to take these supplements for a few months before I notice a difference? Thanks! TH

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Hyla Cass, MD Staff answered 5 years ago

You are on the right track! In Sean Croxton’s Depression Sessions, which I highly recommend, I described the issues in getting off medications, and then answered some questions, too,  in the Q&A hour. Effexor can certainly deplete both serotonin and dopamine, and you need to restore brain balance, as you are doing. You will find a fuller explanation under the description of  Dr. Cass’ Brain Recovery AM & PM Program™
You should see results within a week or two, and improving even more time. I’d give it 3-6 mos on this regimen,  although many people choose to continue it indefinitely. In fact it’s an excellent brain maintenance program for anyone, especially protective as we age, and includes a built-in multi. It’s really one-stop shopping for brain neurotransmitter restoration. Also add in Super EPA or the omega 3 of your choice.  
How to take it: Brain Recovery AM PM: 5-7 caps each in AM (breakfast) and PM (dinner). Brain Cell Support Plus: 1-2 twice daily. Super EPA- 1 cap twice daily.This can be all be taken with meals (breakfast and dinner) for best absorption.
Yours in good health, HC

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