your formulation taken with Paxil and Clonazepam

Questions Asked to Hyla Cass, MDyour formulation taken with Paxil and Clonazepam
Natalie asked 10 months ago

Dear Dr. Cass,
I saw you on the Depression Sessions with Sean Cruxton (really learned a great deal!)  I have gone though the company True Hope in Alberta, Canada to come off the Paxil which I had been taking for 21 years.  I was doing well for 5 months, until the last reduction then I went into a very dark, terrifying period.  I have since gone back on Paxil (20 mg.) which was my dosage but had to take Clonazepam for the extreme anxiety.  My family doctor started to reduce the Clonazepam after a couple of weeks, over a 3 week period.  I did not do well because we both agreed that it was too fast and I was only on the Paxil 20 mg. when I started the reduction.
I so wanted to come off the Paxil, but every attempt I have made has landed me totally devastated with extreme anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia and depression.
I will be on the Paxil for 40 days and the Clonazepam for 30 days at the end of March.
My anxiety/panic started the beginning of January and I feel that I have improved, but I am not myself in any way yet.
My question to you is this:  will any of your supplements be helpful to help with anxiety and sleep now and for when I start the reduction of the Clonazepam.
And what would be your reduction protocol for the Clonazepam?
I don’t have any psychiatrist that is able to take me (shortage of them), let alone a holistic one! and my GP has limited knowledge, certainly not in anything natural.
I greatly appreciate your assistance to this great dilemma that I am going through now.

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