Could I be in Perimenopause?

Questions Asked to Hyla Cass, MDCould I be in Perimenopause?
Anonymous asked 4 years ago

Dr. Cass,
I was using the PMS balance which I really think helped but it is no longer available. I have tried other similar products out there but haven’t been as happy with the results. I have been bleeding heavy for many years and periods getting closer together. Now I am starting to skip periods and feel terrible PMS/cramping/bloating/ weight fluctuations, difficultly sleeping, poor memory, low libido, headaches, fatigue at different times throughout the month because my hormones feel out of whack. I have had testing done and I do not have any fibroids or anything causing the heavy bleeding. I am on an iron supplement because my iron was low so keeping tabs on that. My thyroid was tested in the past and seemed fine. I will be going for blood work soon to have my hormones checked but I understand that can be difficult to test accuracy. Anyway, I was considering trying the FemmePhase?  Do you think that could possibly be a good option?  My only concern is if my Estrogen is high and Prog. low then I don’t want to take anything that could upset it more. Dr.s also suggest going on low dose birth control pill to help balance hormones.  Thoughts appreciated.  thx

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Hyla Cass, MD Staff answered 4 years ago

Sorry for the delay in answering! You can take FemmePhase to start and it shouldn’t raise your estrogen/progesterone ratio. However, you are in perimenopause and should see a health professional who can test your hormone levels and prescribe bio-identical hormones. NOT THE PILL! It is a very poor solution here, and actually lowers your hormones. For details see my book, 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health. Where do you live?

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