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Anonymous asked 4 years ago

I saw an article you had written and mentioned phosphatidyl serine as a supplement to help memory. I was taking 100 mg. of phosphatidyl serine from the Vitamin Shoppe. After one month I noticed a great difference in my ability to recall information. I decided to try the 300 mg. but this time I purchased from GNC. Not only did the 300 mg. not help any more than the other dose and brand I was taking but it also didn’t seem to help at all! I’m wondering if there are better brands of this nutrient than others? Both brands I took said it was Soy based from lecithin. Is there a brand that you would recommend over another? Also, I was interested in purchasing the progesterone cream but why is the notice printed that it has been known to cause cancer? Should I be worried about that? Is there anything I can read regarding the research or reasoning behind why natural progesterone could cause cancer? Thank you so much for taking the time! 

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Hyla Cass, MD Staff answered 4 years ago

Thanks for asking!
Phosphatidyl serine is an excellent memory and overall brain enhancer. As you noticed, there are differences in quality between brands. I find this happens often, and for that reason, created my own line of products where I had control over the ingredients. So you can just go back and get the product that worked for you, or check out my Brain Cell Support Plus formula which contains not only 100 mg of high quality Phosphatidyl Serine in 2 capsules, but also a whole load of other great brain nutrients that work together to enhance your brain function.
Progesterone cream: The progesterone cream on my website is very low dose. In my practice, I will often use 30 times that amount per dose by prescription, safely. While synthetic progestin is a known carcinogen, natural or bio-identical progesterone is considered quite safe, but you can check out some sources. There is an excellent discussion on this topic by Dr. David Zava of ZRT lab. [http://www.zrtlab.com/blog/entry/natural-progesterone-as-a-preventive-for-breast-cancer]

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