Post hysterectomy depression and anxiety

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Anonymous Staff asked 4 years ago

Ativan Zoloft latuda are not working. Had depression and gad in past but this is beyond what I have experienced. On biest  and testosterone progesterone and thyroid. I think my body has become toxic with Ativan and other meds. Mind races sometimes now. Getting very burned out. I have to work to make a living.

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Hyla Cass, MD Staff answered 4 years ago

Looks like some complicated issues here. I’d suggest you get a functional medicine evaluation. However, it looks like you are under care now? Where do you live? have a look at my practice and either come see me, or I can consult remotely to share with your health practitioner, or perhaps I can refer you to someone local in my personalized medical “match-making” service. Both can be found here.  http://cassmd.com/contact-us/

Personalized Referral Service
Besides my practice, I offer a phone or Skype consultation service to help you find the right practitioner(s, in your area or long distance, depending on the modality. This is done on an individual basis, rather like a medical match-making service. This is based on my having a broad network of professional experts whom I have met over my many years of practice, speaking and teaching. I may also refer to specific professional membership organization that have respected training programs. The cost for this is $500 per hour, prorated, with a minimum of 30 minutes for $250. http://cassmd.com/contact-us/

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