Tapering Off Lexapro with Brain Support Supplements

Questions Asked to Hyla Cass, MDTapering Off Lexapro with Brain Support Supplements
Anonymous asked 5 years ago

I am tapering off Lexapro and am on 2.5mg now. I have been taking your Brain Recovery AM&PM, Super EPA, Brain Cell Support and 5-HTP, starting in early July. It is going well, no problems. I stopped Bupropion in June. I am trying to understand the difference between taking these supplements and the prescriptions meds. My plan is to continue with your supplements through the holidays. What will happen then? Is the hope that my body will be supporting me on its own without help? What is the difference between getting the boost I need from meds vs supplements?
Also, are there any blood tests you think are a good idea to have, even if my antidepressant tapering is going well?
Thanks, Lorie

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Hyla Cass, MD Staff answered 5 years ago

All good questions. At some point get a complete blood count (CBC)  and basic chemistry to check overall blood, and metabolic function. I describe these in detail in my 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health book.
Re continuing the supplements: that varies with the individual,  though most people end up taking a multivitamin/mineral like my Twice Daily plus fish oil indefinitely. Also if what put you on medication in the first place is an imbalance that still exists (like a genetic predisposition) then you may need to take extra amino acids such as 5-HTP to boost serotonin,  tyrosine (as in my FOCUS) to boost dopamine, or CALMto enhance GABA. the difference between the supplements and medication is that the supplements give your body and brain what they need to function normally, while the medications simply cover over symptoms, cause side effects, some quite dangerous and ultimately stop working.

Yours in good health, HC

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