Still having trouble sleeping on Brain Recovery AM PM

Questions Asked to Hyla Cass, MDStill having trouble sleeping on Brain Recovery AM PM
Anonymous Staff asked 4 years ago

Hi Dr Cass,
My eighteen year old son as been suffering with drug addiction over the last two years. After hearing you talk on the Anxiety Summit recently I purchased your book on addiction and started my son on Brain Recovery AM PM, Brain Cell Support and EPA. He has been on the supplements for two weeks now and the results are amazing! Most of his brain fog is gone, he can concentrate and he’s not obsessing about drugs constantly! It’s an amazing change in such a short time, we are daring to be hopeful again! My reason for writing is to ask about a few issues my son is having since taking the supplements, the first couple of nights on the supplements he had a good sleep but since then he is really struggling to fall to and stay asleep, he is also finding that he has lost his appetite he is already very underweight so this is particularly concerning. My son currently lives interstate so I have no control over his habits or diet, I’ve made suggestions on things he can do to improve sleep and appetite but I doubt he implements them. Have you come across the sleep and appetite issues before in people taking Brain Recovery and Brain Cell support? Could you recommend any other supplements that may help these issues? 
Thank you.
Kind regards, Elanor

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Hyla Cass, MD Staff answered 4 years ago

I am so glad your son has successfully implemented my Brain Recovery Program. You’ll notice on my website that I suggest various supplements in addition to the core Brain Recovery Program depending on need. [JIM- link here: In his case, he likely needs some GABA help which is found in my Nightly CALM formula, 2 at bedtime — or possible serotonin help as well: 5-HTP 100 mg, 2 at bedtime. Knowing his drugs of choice would help decide that as well, as covered in The Addicted Brain and How to Break Free.  Let me know how this works for him!

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