AM PM new setWelcome to my September Newsletter

1. Integrative Medicine for Mental Health conference in San Diego

2. Iasis Neurofeedback

3. September Discount

4. Evolution of Medicine Summit

5. Love Your Body Institute

1. Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Conference

I’m at the Integrative Medicine for Mental Health conference in San Diego – learning a lot, from details on the microbiome and the gut-brain connection, to Dr. Mark Filidei’s great talk on how brain infection is misdiagnosed in mainstream psychiatry, and Surchi chandra on lyme disease  and how to properly diagnose and treat it. Dr. William Shaw of Great Plains Laboratories, gave a number of excellent presentations on how his specific, “outside -the- mainstream” lab testing can help with diagnosis and treatment of many psychiatric conditions.Then, there are Drs. Daniel Amen, James Greenblatt, and Jay Lombard- goldmines of information. And more!

The exhibitors are also very innovative – filters, lights, sound, EEGInfo on neurofeedback (with my friends Kurt and Siegfried Othmer), and many unique supplements. There are some major mainstays of my practice here such as RLC Labs (http://www.rlclabs.com) that supplies  products like Natur-throid, super-pure WP Thyroid, and a-Drenal (of which they gave me a much-needed bottle – thanks! ). I have spoken for them at various conferences and I’m supporting them at their booth here, too.

I sold some of my Addicted Brain and How to Break Free books and quickly ran out. You can get a free download of it with purchase on my sale below!

And I’m running into friends and colleagues like Trudy Scott, Dr. Kat Toups, Lori Grace, and more. I just did a series of videotaped interviews for an Australian site called the MINDD Foundation – MINDD.org. Check out their youtube site in a week or so when they go up. I’ll send a reminder as well.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClvXKxdlrC4

You can find out all about the conference and buy the proceedings at their website: http://www.immh.org

2. IASIS Neurofeedback Microcurrent

My office in Marina del Rey, CA.is now offering IASIS Neurofeedback Microcurrent which treats PTSD, traumatic head injury (TBI), anxiety, depression, ADD, chronic fatigue, and more. I’ve been using it in my office and it works great! I just had someone with PTSD that resolved in a few sessions. Check it out here: www.iasistech.com. And email me if you are interested in checking it out further.

3. September Discount

How do you stay awake in lectures? I have just attended 2 solid days of lectures at the Integrative Medicine for Mental Health, with 2 more days to go. This requires intense focus and alertness to catch all the gems, and I can’t do it without a little help from my friends –FOCUS Natural Mind (http://cassmd.com/products/focus/) for focusing my brain and Energy Boost (http://cassmd.com/products/energy-boost) for sustained, non-stimulating energy all day long. On top of that, I take my Brain Cell Support Plus, (http://cassmd.com/products/brain-cell-support-plus) full of brain enhancing nutrients, and in high enough amounts of each to really make a difference. As I get older, I find I need it more, in order to sustain my brainpower.

You can have the same advantage, in school, at work, or just getting through a busy day in your life, and at a discount! For my back-to-school special, all my Dr. Cass products are on sale until midnight Sept 30. By the way, your on-line order takes you to Tango Advanced Nutrition, my distributor of many years. They take great care of me — and of you, too, from when you place your order until it’s delivered to you.

4. Evolution of Medicine Summit

Starting on Monday, my friend, James Maskell is hosting The Evolution of Medicine Summit, which can help you keep your family healthy, avoid chronic diseases, and discover healthcare that actually works! I’ll be speaking on “Mental Health Care from Scratch,” on Thurs Sept 24, on how to revamp how we look at mental and emotional illness. Click here to register:  https://ji177.isrefer.com/go/summitreg/biobalance

5. Love Your Body Institute’s 

1st Annual International Conference

at a retreat center in Northern California Making Transformation Real in Your Life

October 30 – November 1, 2015

I am excited to be one of the presentersfor this unique event:  I get to hang in this at a beautiful retreat center in north of San Francisco, with innovators such as Barry Taylor, John Gray, Lynne Twist, Raz Ingrasci and more — and so do you! And I’d get to meet you, too. There are also special bonus gifts for those who come in person to the conference.

The conference is also available LIVESTREAM from wherever you are.

Hosted by my good friend, Dr. Barry Taylor, LOVE YOUR BODY INSTITUTE is committed to empowering health care providers, as well as all those interested in understanding and utilizing the mind-body connection to promote health and healing. Click here for more information:  


Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

Yours in good health,

P.S. Check out my September sale- https://www.tangoherbs.com/dr-cass-better-balance-formulas.html

2 Responses to September News!

  1. Erica Becks

    Hi Dr. Cass,
    I have been taking your Brain Recovery AM/PM, Super Omega, and Focus Supplements, along with 5-HTP the last 2 weeks. I’ve already noticed a dramatic shift in my depression. I started tapering off of my Lamictal 3 days ago, but have begun feeling irritable again (which always happens when I taper). I’m doing a slow taper (only 25 mg every 14 days), and following your other instructions about diet and exercise found in your book, but I’m still really irritable. Which, if any of your supplements, can help reduce irritability?


  2. Jill

    Dr. Cass

    I Loved your talk on the Evolution of Medicine! I’m still relatively new to nutritional medicine in psychiatry but would appreciate your thoughts on my years long challenge with insomnia (staying asleep). I’ve Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, which appears to be under control with Levothyroxine (the only Rx I currently take). I do believe I’ve High Blood Histamine, which appears to be the culprit for mild OCD, and perhaps the main source of ruminating thoughts in the middle of the night.

    I’ve made good progress addressing Leaky Gut issues. I’ve tried the Tryptophan/GABA combo for several months with mixed results. Definitely calmer but sleep maintenace has not significantly improved. If Methylation is the primary source of anxiety-driven insomnia, what is the best treatment? If so, can this be rebalanced or does it require perpetual supplementation?



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