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Steve Lankford, Health Quest Radio/Podcast

Dr. Hyla Cass is one of those rare individuals that connect with people across a wide spectrum. It is not easy to find a doctor that blends knowledge of medical science with the emerging science of nutrition as well as she does and can make it accessible to the average person. I have followed Dr. Cass through her writings over the past decade. Her influence has been felt in the popular culture as well as the natural products culture. I have interviewed Dr. Cass for my radio show, and I love the way she is able to make these important concepts easier to understand for my listeners. We need more doctors, like Dr. Cass, who understand and appropriate the best of modern medicine and combine them with the benefits of cutting edge nutritional science. Through her practice, her books and her public appearances, she has helped thousands of people find their way to better health.


Feedback from  Lifestyle Magazine Show 

Dear Dr. Cass, I am 47 years old, and saw you on the Lifestyle Magazine Show on TBN. I am glad to see a medical doctor that is not constantly pushing drugs as a solution to mental illness. I’d like to share my story with you. Approx. 15 years ago, I was diagnosed with a variety of psychological disorders. Among them were major depression, dementia, schizoaffective with psychotic features, and a few more. At age 18 I had gastric bypass surgery and, over the years, went from 125 lbs to 239 lbs. Although I went from doctor to doctor, they all overlooked my family history of diabetes. I have been suffering from syndrome X and a severe case of hypoglycemia for years. I suffered at the hands of doctors who saw my symptoms as being neurotic and psychotic. I have taken approx. 50 medications over the past 12 years. I’ve had 2 strokes, heart problems, a total hysterectomy, and other serious health problems and operations. I had difficulty walking and used a cane, walker and a wheelchair. The sudden loss of 70 lbs. didn’t even alarm my doctors. If just one doctor had taken the time to do blood work I could have avoided all of this. I took control of the situation and did my own research. I eventually found a physician that is working with me to deal with my medical problem naturally. I eat mostly organic foods now and take vitamins and herbs. I am 90% cured. I want to commend you for being the woman you are and not being afraid to do something different for your patients. May God Bless You in Your Endeavors,”

Thomacia B.



Natural Highs Book

I’ve been using some of the basic nutrients recommended in your book “Natural Highs.” I like L-Theanine and find that it both is calming and helps me be more insightful. When I take 5-HTP and TMG, usually before bedtime, something magical happens. Overall, I seem to be more creative and insightful. Also your suggestions on taking more B-Vitamins is very helpful. I take a multi in the morning and a B-100 usually with my evening meal. The B-vitamins really help me to sleep and I most often drift off into deep, restful sleep an hour after taking them. I’ve been an avid follower of Abram Hoffer and Linus Pauling so I’ve been taking 3 plus grams of Vit C daily for a decade. I want to thank you for providing me these tools to better my life and health. Your work has brought more meaning to my life, and I appreciate your sharing it with others, too. Friends have recently noticed the difference in my behavior that can only be described as “more full of life”. I also refer many people to the ACAM site for docs who can provide a better way of helping treat their health problems.

Ed G.

Natural Highs Book

I read your book Natural Highs — it was an excellent piece of work congratulations and Thank You:). I run a charity just North of Toronto in Richmond Hill. Our our website is, and the new organization  will be launched in conjunction with the DVD is call Canadian Mental Health and Fitness Centre Inc. You are an amzaing author and to be quit honest your work has taught me so much:). God Bless

Dean Colford 

Natural Highs

It occurs to me that a subtitle for your excellent book, Natural Highs, could be: A user’s guide to making best friends with your own brain’s chemistry. What I discovered in your book was not the path to the unnatural state of being artificially ‘high,’ but, rather, the opportunities to guide myself to the very natural state of being at one with my own neuro-biochemistry; and those are delightful choices to be able to make, indeed. The accessible information, the relevant context and the usable recommendations all combine to make your book an excellent resource that I find myself coming back to frequently, and with appreciation. Thanks and best regards”

Noah N


8 Weeks to Vibrant Health

I got your new book 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health. It’s very close to an actual consultation with you. I am doing great. My hormones are way more balanced now. Good job. I have recommended to others.”


St. John’s Wort

I am 34 and from São Paulo – Brazil. I read your book about “St. John’s Wort.” Since then (20 days), I have been taking vitamins, minerals and St. John’s wort, and now I am feeling really better. I was suffering from depression and I was not able to sleep whole night, among other health problems (at least, 18 months). I would like to thank and congratulate you for your great job!”

DB São Paulo – Brazil  


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