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Better Balance Formulas

Your supplements help a LOT!!! You really changed my life!!! I can see how life can be like in a whole different way. I’m excited!For example, someone did something something negative to me the other day and instead of getting angry, I could just let it go. I never could do that before. I’m a better person, too. I can help my friends, and I see that I have good heart. You’ve been an angel in my life! You saved my mom too— she is also much improved on your supplements.

Jesse, age 27,


Since I was a teenager, I’ve had serious problems with anxiety and depression. For many years, I was maintained on drugs whose side effects were nearly as bad as the problems they addressed. Among other things, I had to give up a full scholarship and drop out of college because of my problems. When SSRIs became available, my life changed profoundly for the better. For one thing, I was eventually able to return to school and earn a doctorate in clinical psychology. I’ve been taking one or another antidepressant for many years, despite the expense and side effects, because I thought I had no choice if I wanted to maintain a reasonable quality of life. The lowered libido has been especially distressing, which is why I had discontinued the medication every couple of years to make sure I really still needed it. For some years now, the one I’ve liked best is Lexapro. Because it was not on my insurance formulary, I’ve had to go out of pocket. Each time I weaned myself off the drugs, I inevitably experienced return of my depression and anxiety within weeks. Several months ago, I decided to give 5-HTP a try, even though I was a little worried about how it might turn out if it didn’t work. I had heard Dr. Cass speak a few times and bought a couple of her books. Then I checked out her website and decided I trusted her. For one thing, she’s an actual psychiatrist…that means a lot to me because there are legions of unlicensed people out there who make expansive claims about alternative treatments. I would never have believed it! Six months in, no symptoms and absolutely NO side effects – libido or otherwise. And the same efficacy as I’ve had from the prescription drugs. 5-HTP has virtually changed my life. I give it my wholehearted recommendation.

P.O., Ph,D. Los Angeles, California,

Brain Cell Support

In just 2 1/2 weeks I have seen an improvement in my parents’ cognitive abilities. Rather than cognitive decline there is improvement! At 92 and 95 I feel that is a success!

Doreen Rivera, Founder/Owner, The Bodyful Mind

As a speaker and writer, I have to keep my brain sharp. For the past year or so (I’m 60) and I noticed I was forgetting words, names, phone numbers, etc so I ordered your Brain Cell Support Plus formula. After a couple of weeks on it, 2 capsules twice a day, I found that I was remembering things far more easily, and my writing and speaking flowed more easily. I wasn’t forgetting words or names, either. I plan on continuing to take it, and I thank you so much for making it available.
Dennis, Age 60,

Good Morning Dr. Cass! I wanted to send you a quick note to say “thank you” for what you do and Brain Cell Support! Approx four months ago, my mother was an “over prescribed” dementia patient living w/ elder abuse in Palm Desert. We brought her home, detoxed her and met with Dr. Karen Josephson, MD who introduced us to you and your products. The best day! Today, my Mom’s appearance, behavior, and mental ability have utterly changed and she continues to improve. Now, her Namenda and blood pressure pills are supplements to your products! We are strong believers and want to thank you for leading the way!

Susan Burns, and my Mom, Norma Bonner,

My father has suffered from Alzheimer’s since 2008.  His doctor recently put him on Brain Cell Support Plus, and it has really made a positive difference in his cognition and awareness.  We are very happy with this product and would recommend it!

Rebecca Noblin,

I only really appreciated the efficacy of the Brain Support Plus formula after my patients were without it for a month. The families called me desperately wanting it and noticed the decline in their loved ones. No other supplements seemed to have the benefit of this formula. I unequivocally see the improvement in my patients and recommend it to all my patients with cognitive impairment.

Karen Josephson, MD, Internist and Geriatrician

I have found the ingredients in Brain Cell Support Plus to help tremendously after sustaining a concussion a year ago. I noticed a difference within the first week with increased concentration and memory capability and stopped it when my first year of grad school ended only to have the symptoms return when the next semester began. I re-started and the symptoms are much more manageable. Thank you!

Twice Daily Better Balance Multivitamin

I have come to depend on this excellent formula for my mental health. Before taking this multi I got off antipsychotic medications but did not have this formula to take and eventually my health deteriorated. Now I have it and I got the last bottle before you were out of stock and I trust it because it is working so well for me. I will probably buy two at a time now. Please please get back to me soon. Thank you,

Esther Hohenberger,

Brain Recovery AM/PM

Dr Cass’s AM & PM Brain Recovery and Brain Cell Support gave me my brain back! We first heard about neuronutrition from our friend who had a very successful rehab and recovery center, and used it to treat drug withdrawal.  I purchased Dr. Cass’ Brain Recovery AM&PM and Brain Cell Support to help my  husband’s PTSD, which has similar symptoms to addiction withdrawal. Then I decided to see if these supplements  would help me with my own brain fog, memory slowness, and poor sleep: I had gone through a number of very stressful years:  caring for my mother during her last year, having stressful work challenges, while my husband’s health was down-sliding. I reasoned that my brain had perhaps suffered similar abuse to addicts, and it could use some help with the fog and memory loss I was experiencing. It worked! My sleep is much better and the fog and memory vastly improved. Once, when I had not reordered in time and had gone for a week without my supplements, I found I was back in the fog again. My chosen life continues to stress and stretch me as I’m now on the front battle lines of environmental work to protect our immediate locale and the planet. I look forward to less stress someday, but until then, have chosen to support my very necessary brain with these supplements. I am so greatful to have found this help! Thank you to Dr Cass for thinking outside the medical model box and creating these supportive, effective supplements. Getting my brain, my life back is priceless!

Heidi Dhivya Berthoud, LMT, CYT, RDH,

Love it. Best I have experienced ever. Noticed cognition improvement in two days. In three weeks noticed increased sex drive. At age 72 both are huge to me.

Michael Grant White, Optimal Breathing Association

After months of sobriety from various stimulants, I was still sleeping poorly and felt exhausted. However, within a week of taking Dr. Cass’ Brain Recovery AM&PM formula, I was amazed to find that I was able to fall asleep easily and deeply. I woke up rested, and my energy and focus lasted all day. I noticed that I was dreaming, too, which I hadn’t for a long time. I felt as if my brain was restoring itself!”  

Charles R., age 45,

My doctor wanted to prescribe antidepressants but I was afraid of the side effects, and of being dependent on medication, so I tried Dr. Cass’ Brain Recovery Nutritional Program and in a month, I was back to the old me, and haven’t looked back since.”

Maria, age 33,

Your “magic medicine” Brain Recovery AM/PM Formula helped me through a wild summer last year! It was all related to my addiction to prescribed pain medication, oxycontin, for chronic arm pain. To make matters worse, as a side effect of the drug, I had horrendous sleep apnea (I stopped breathing 60 times every hour at night), to the point where I was falling asleep mid-conversation, or behind the wheel at a red light. I couldn’t watch a movie or a play without falling asleep, and my marriage was in serious jeopardy because half the time, my wife was chatting with a zombie. Then I stopped the oxycontin. Almost overnight I found I could stay awake all day no problem, and I’d sleep through the night wonderfully. It was like being reborn. And I haven’t had a problem since! 
 Also, for whatever reason, I used to get the hiccups three or four times per day. I haven’t had them since July of last year. So how did I get off the oxycontin? I went into forced codeine (oxycontin) withdrawal when I left my pain medication at home when I went out of town. After five days in New York with no sleep, wild sweats and horrors too brutal to even tell, it took a while to get my system working, even once I got home. Then I called you [a friend of the family], and you recommended Brain Recovery AM/PM Formula daily, along with CALM Natural Mind pills as needed. From the start, when I took the Brain Recovery packetsalong with the CALM pills, my head got clearer, my appetite normal, and I’d just feel human again. Eventually, by the time I started my new job in late August, I think I was about 90% recovered. I’d had no idea that the pills my doctor kept prescribing me were wreaking such havoc on my body. At home we called around and I was told I should get on methadone to help with withdrawal symptoms. Happily, I listened to you instead and was able to get through that difficult time without developing a new addiction or further damaging my insides.
 I hate to think of where I’d be now if not for you and your amazing supplements! I’m happy to say that I haven’t taken anything stronger than an Advil for pain since then.
 When my arms hurt, I’ve found other ways to deal with the pain. You’ve been a huge help with this, and I can’t thank you enough. I’ll forever be in your debt for helping to make last summer more manageable with the Brain Recovery and CALM! Thanks again.

Marty Schwartz,

CALM Natural Mind

I feel like I am undergoing some sort of metamorphosis! The CALM has calmed me enough to make me realize this epiphany even greater. I would very much like to continue with it. Thank you for everything.

A colleague’s psychotherapy client; as an adjunct to psychotherapy,

Dearest Dr. Cass, I would be dead if it were not for your Nightly CALM formula. Thank you ever so much for your research. My father was a scientist and he died for what he knew. Please make sure this does not happen with your field of knowledge I could not do this psychiatric orthomolecular type without you and your team at Tango nutrition -please give a shout out to Giovanni.

Esther H.,

Taking a CALM after work is like taking a drink only better! I feel relaxed, and the day’s worries seem to disappear. No hangover either!”

RW, Baltimore, MD,

ENERGY Boost Formula

ENERGY Boost Formula “helps me during those draggy times of the day. One or two capsules and I am wide awake, alert, and ready to work at my best!”

DS Oakland, CA,

FOCUS Formula

I've been purchasing "Focus" capsules from Tango for years. In addition to the product being effective, I especially like buying it from a comparatively small and independently-owned company. It is nice to be able to call and speak directly to a patient, helpful person such as John recently. My son recommended the product and the seller many years ago and I'm very glad he did!

judith merit ,

Hi Hyla, Your FOCUS formula continues to diminish my procrastination and helps me get more done. After taking it for less than two weeks, today I discovered the great effects of your Energy formula! I’ve been in heavy duty manual labor around the house and I would have pooped out long ago before I started taking this supplement, but I’m still going strong! So…just more feedback that your stuff works! Thank you so much!


I met you at the Cavallo Point Retreat with Dr. Brad Jacobs and I bought the FOCUS supplement for what I called Adult ADHD and it is working. I feel I have better attention and focus and not all scatter brained! Thank you — it was a pleasure meeting you.

V.R., Female, Age 52,

I am writing you to thank you for creating such a wonderful product — FOCUS. I wouldn’t have been able to get through planning a conference, presenting, running back and forth three months prior to the conference to feed my sick mother every day, without it. I began taking FOCUS along with my daily vitamins. I was excited to notice a change in a couple of days: my mental clarity and energy returned! Within a couple of weeks I began feeling like myself again: I was thinking clearly, and my concentration and energy levels kept increasing. Today I am still taking FOCUS and won’t be without it.”

Theresa, Clinical consultant to a supplement company

I just wanted to thank you for the FOCUS Formula. I think is the finest supplement I’ve ever encountered. I just deeply appreciate the thought, brilliance and training that went into creating it. I also want you to know that this is first time in my life that I’ve ever taken a supplement and felt a difference! I’ve been taking it for 3 days, one in the morning and one in the early afternoon.” “I can feel a palpable difference in my clarity and in my mood swings. I’m also sleeping much better and waking up feeling great! So I just want to thank you — and order more of it. It’s fortuitous and miraculous that I ran into you, literally, the night before I was going to start taking Ritalin! Thanks again!”

Daniel, 55,

I purchased Focus and Energy Boost for my son who is transitioning off of his ADD medication. He is not experiencing withdrawals since he started taking Focus and Energy Boost. Thank you Dr. Cass

Nancy Hunsaker ,
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