Contacting Dr. Cass

  • If you have any questions about my supplements, please contact my most helpful customer service department  at 866-778-2646.
  • If you want to send me your health questions, you can do it here. While I regret that I am unable to answer all of the questions submitted to me, I make every effort to respond to them on my “Ask Dr. Cass” section as time permits.
  • In some cases, a private appointment for a professional health consultation may be the best way to address your question.
  • If you want information about Dr. Cass’ professional services, please click here.
  • If you are seeking a local health practitioner, please check out my resource section.
  • I also offer a more personalized referral service, with a phone, Skype or email consultation  to help you find the right practitioner(s, in your area or long distance, depending on the modality. I have actually found practitioners for people as far away as Africa, Israel, and the UK. This is done on an individual basis, rather like a medical match-making service. This is based on my having a broad network of professional experts whom I have met over my many years of practice, speaking and teaching. I may also refer to specific professional membership organization that have respected training programs. The cost for this service is $500 per hour, prorated, with a minimum of 30 minutes for $250.
  • Of course, if you are dealing with an urgent issue, please direct your immediate concerns to your personal pharmacist, physician or local emergency room.
  • You are also certainly free just to email us here.If you don’t hear back in a week, please re-send.
  • By clicking here, you will be able to receive a free copy of my ebook. Reclaim Your Brain which explains brain chemistry. It tells you how to manage your mind, mood, and memory naturally with diet and nutritional supplements. You will also be subscribed to my newsletter which gives further information on many aspects of maintaining optimum health. You can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Thanks and have a healthy day!

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