Practice Information

Dr. Cass has a limited virtual consultation practice. She is known for helping people taper off psychiatric meds where appropriate, or not having them go on meds in the first place, using diet, lifestyle, and natural supplements.  

She is offering the following program: A one hour zoom or phone consultation and her prior review of your submitted material.  She’ll give you her impressions of your case, and make recommendations for future care.


If you’re interested, please click here to fill out our secure forms. Once we receive them and see that Dr. Cass is likely a good fit for your needs, we will arrange a consultation with her. If you’re uncertain about how to proceed,  then please fill out the form on your right and someone will get back to you. Please allow 72 hours in either case. 
  • You can also look under  RESOURCES  for organizations of integrative practitioners. 
  • Check out Dr. Cass’ unique line of organic hemp oil extracts/CBD here.
  • We offer an ongoing newsletter that provides health news, courses, and summits by various experts so you can learn how to view your health more holistically – mind, body, spirit, and environment.

Yours in good health! 

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