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Food and Supplements

dr cass hemp oil cbd

Dr. Cass’ Hemp Oil/CBD

Formulated by Dr. Cass, it is rich in cannabinoids like CBD and sourced from high-quality hemp plants. Designed to promote wellness and balance, it offers the potential benefits of CBD in a convenient form.


An online platform where you can purchase professional-grade supplements prescribed by Dr. Cass. Access a wide range of high-quality supplements curated by healthcare professionals to support your wellness journey.

Neurohacker Collective

Offering supplements designed to help you perform at your peak. Radically different from anything else on the market, their products are formulated with cutting-edge ingredients to optimize cognitive function, physical performance, and overall well-being.

Thrive Market

Healthy living made easy. Access the highest quality, healthy, and sustainable products at member-only prices. Start your risk-free membership today and enjoy convenient delivery of wholesome essentials.


Premier all-natural supplements developed by Dr. Zev Zelenko. Zelenko Labs is committed to products that are as clean and pure as possible. Our all-natural supplements are GMP-certified, Kosher, and Made in America by a team that believes in science, reason, and the importance of family.

Vital Choice

Sustainably sourced seafood from wild fisheries, ensuring very low toxin levels. A true gem for those seeking high-quality, environmentally-conscious seafood options.

Health Enhancement

Air Doctor

A professional-quality air purifier that adjusts its operation based on the quality of your air. Offering advanced filtration technology, it efficiently removes airborne pollutants to create a cleaner and healthier indoor environment.

Echo Go+

Designed for people on the go, the Echo Go+™ hydrogen water bottle provides access to hydrogen-enriched water wherever you are. Whether at the gym, running errands, on vacation, or enjoying the outdoors, stay hydrated with this convenient and portable solution.


The Thera360TM portable home sauna is designed for detoxification, total health, and well-being. With patented Infrared technology and natural heating panels, it provides gentle warmth and negative ions for a soothing and healing experience. Advanced Earthing Technology helps balance the body’s polarity. Compact, energy-efficient, and EMF-safe, the Thera360 offers full-spectrum infrared therapy at an affordable price. Use code BIOBALANCE for 10% off.

Ophora Water Technologies

Offers innovative, chlorine-free solutions for drinking, bathing, showering, and swimming, prioritizing sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Partnered with a new lab offering affordable and effective lab testing for various health issues including weight problems, hormonal imbalances, stress, burnout, chronic fatigue, and more. Use the code DRCASS for a 5% discount on your order.

The Spa Dr.

Be sure to explore The Spa Dr.’s natural skincare products, formulated with nutrient-rich, natural ingredients for healthy and radiant skin.

Harmoni Pendant

A gold and silver plated device that shields against harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), restoring balance and harmony to the body. Benefits include improved energy, pain relief, stress reduction, better sleep, and enhanced mental clarity.


Aquatru is a countertop reverse osmosis water purifier that delivers high-quality drinking water right from your tap. With its advanced filtration system, it ensures clean and pure water for your family’s hydration needs.

Light Box

The Northern Light Technology Travelite is a portable light box that delivers 10,000 lux of diffuse light for bright light therapy. Its modern design and portability make it suitable for home or office use. A versatile stand can be positioned vertically or horizontally for convenience.

EMF Products by Body Align

Offers easy-to-use and affordable protection against unhealthy EMFs, including the most dangerous 5G. Committed to transforming health and wellness through innovation, quality, and accessibility, Body Align empowers people to lead happier, healthier lives while supporting sustainable health practices for future generations.