The Addicted Brain Hyla Cass, MD

Dr. Hyla Cass talks with John about breaking free of addictions from food, alcohol, drugs, prescriptions, and more using natural supplements to balance your brain.

Ask Dr. Oz – Alternative Medicine

Dr. Cass on how to take control of your brain’s chemistry and make it work for you instead of against.

Understanding Integrative Medicine with Dr. Hyla Cass

Dr. Hyla Cass speaks with Evita Ochel of Evolving Wellness TV on her approach to balancing natural medicine with modern health science. “I’m practicing good medicine because, basically nature heals. As physicians…what we’re doing is helping nature to work better. From: Evolving Wellness

Functional Forum – Strategies for Optimal Brain Health – Hyla Cass M.D.

Functional Forum lecture

Video Archives

In this collection of videos Dr. Cass describes her approach to depression and other mind/mood issues on The Wellness Hour with Randy Alvarez and on ABC’s The View. Additional videos feature a selection of some of Dr. Cass’ many national TV appearances in the Natural Health – TV compilation and Antioxidant News.

Also included is a video series on a variety of health topics with Total Health Magazine publisher, Lyle Hurd.

Psychiatrists Hyla Cass & Kelly Brogan

New ways to treat anxiety and depression without psychiatric medications, and how to safely wean off psychiatric medication for a drug-free, fulfilling life.

Reclaim Your Brain at Human Garage

For those who missed her presentation, here’s Dr. Cass on how to take control of your brain’s chemistry and make it work for you instead of against.

What should you eat for breakfast?

Dr. Hyla Cass discusses her latest book, “8 Weeks to Vibrant Health” on Canada’s premier morning show, CityTV’s Breakfast TV. Dr. Cass answers questions about dietary strategies for supporting health and preventing diseases like diabetes and cancer – and tell you what she eats for breakfast! From: City TV
Run Time: 4:24
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Dr. Cass on The Dr. Oz Show (Fox TV)Part 1: Allergies Click to View
Part 2: Stress & Sleep Click to View
Part 3: Back Pain Click to View

Dr. Cass on FOX News
Dr. Manny’s health segment regarding natural alternatives on Electroshock Therapy Segment.
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Dr. Cass discusses her book Natural Highs and her Brain Recovery AM/PM supplement Program.
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Dr. Cass discusses Celebrity mental disorders as a guest expert on “Celebrity Crisis” on E! Entertainment.
From: YouTube
Run Time: 1:54
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TV Compilation, including the Dan Rather show, Closer to Truth, and debate on MSNBC defending herbal medicine (she won!)
From: YouTube
Run Time: 5:00
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Dr. Cass on The View with Rosie O’Donnell, with one of her successfully treated patients, speaking about natural approaches to treating depression.
From: YouTube
Run Time: 2:46
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The Wellness Hour with Dr. Cass
Dr. Hyla Cass discusses natural therapies for depression and other mental ailments.
From: YouTube
Run Time: 5:11
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Dr. Cass on various TV news shows responding to an article in JAMA regarding the safety and efficacy of antioxidants.
From: YouTube
Run Time: 1:23
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Health Topics with Total Health Magazine’s Lyle Hurd:

Melatonin and Making Sure You Sleep Well
Dr. Hyla Cass explains the benefits of melatonin and supplementing melatonin.
From: iHealthTube
Run Time: 2:48 Click to View

What You Need to Know Before Taking a Prescription
Dr. Hyla Cass discusses information about prescriptions drugs, including side effects of drugs.
From: iHealthTube
Run Time: 3:16 Click to View

Prescription for Ribose
Dr. Hyla Cass on the benefits of ribose, especially for cardiovascular health.
From: iHealthTube
Run Time: 4:27 Click to View

Become Stress-Proof
Dr. Hyla Cass explains why we need to deal with stress for our mental and physical health.
From: iHealthTube
Run Time: 3:48 Click to View

The Stress Response
Dr. Hyla Cass on how stress wears our body down and why it’s so dangerous.
From: iHealthTube
Run Time: 3:48 Click to View

Processing Stress
Dr. Hyla Cass explains why replenishing vitamins and chemicals can help calm us when stressed.
From: iHealthTube
Run Time: 4:29 Click to View

Natural Mood Enhancer
Dr. Hyla Cass explains the benefits of l-tryptophan as a mood enhancer.
From: iHealthTube
Run Time: 5:36 Click to View

What You Need to Know about Nutrition and Prescriptions
Dr. Hyla Cass explains how prescription drugs deplete you of nutrients you need.
From: iHealthTube
Run Time: 3:28 Click to View

Nutrition Deficiencies Common with Prescriptions
Dr. Hyla Cass on helping side effects from prescriptions drugs with nutritional supplements.
From: iHealthTube
Run Time: 5:28 Click to View

What Fish Oil Can Do For You
Dr. Hyla Cass on the importance of women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant need to take fish oil for their developing baby’s health and their own health.
From: iHealthTube
Run Time: 2:55 Click to View

Reducing Tumors with L-theanine
Dr. Hyla Cass explains how L-theanine can reduce tumors when taken with cancer treatments by working on the stress response in the brain.
From: iHealthTube
Run Time: 4:39 Click to View

Addiction to Mood Altering Drugs
Dr. Hyla Cass on how the brain is altered when patients go off a drug and the best ways to get off the medication.
From: iHealthTube
Run Time: 4:26 Click to View

Health Cascades: Adrenal Glands
Dr. Hyla Cass details what the adrenal glands do, how they’re affected by stress and what can happen to your body when the adrenals aren’t working correctly.
From: iHealthTube
Run Time: 3:41 Click to View

A Doctor’s Motivation
Dr. Hyla Cass’ true passion is getting the word out about health and how she works to make a difference in lives.
From: iHealthTube
Run Time: 3:06 Click to View

Baby Boomers Revolutionizing Health
Dr. Hyla Cass on how the baby boomer generation is changing the world of health care.
From: iHealthTube
Run Time: 3:04 Click to View

Dangers of Prescription Commercials
Dr. Hyla Cass on the importance of getting health information and advice from a reliable source.
From: iHealthTube
Run Time: 3:52 Click to View

Are You Getting the Correct Dose of Prescriptions
Dr. Hyla Cass explains the problems with the dose size of prescription drugs.
From: iHealthTube
Run Time: 3:19 Click to View

Problems with Multiple Medications
Dr. Hyla Cass explains why it’s dangerous to take several prescription drugs and how many of these drugs can be averted through supplements.
From: iHealthTube
Run Time: 4:07 Click to View

How to Treat Addiction
Dr. Hyla Cass on the biochemical component of addictions and using nutrients to help treat addictions.
From: iHealthTube
Run Time: 6:16 Click to View

Marketing Drugs to Children
Dr. Hyla Cass worries about young children taking medications because they’re not being properly diagnosed and the drugs aren’t being tested on children.
From: iHealthTube
Run Time: 4:38 Click to View

Nourish America
Dr. Hyla Cass explains what the non-profit organization Nourish America does to help give nutrients to children and the elderly.
From: iHealthTube
Run Time: 2:35 Click to View

Health Cascades: Cognition
Dr. Hyla Cass on how stress affects memory and how nutrients can help balance and restore brain function.
From: iHealthTube
Run Time: 4:24 Click to View

Health Cascades: Body Mass
Dr. Hyla Cass stresses the importance of maintaining muscle, instead of losing muscle and gaining fat.
From: iHealthTube
Run Time: 3:27 Click to View

The Dangers of Diabetes
Dr. Hyla Cass lists ways you can adjust your diet to help prevent diabetes.
From: iHealthTube
Run Time: 4:31 Click to View

Be Cautious with Prescriptions
Dr. Hyla Cass warns you to beware of prescriptions – and what to do when you or a family member gets a prescription.
From: iHealthTube
Run Time: 4:35 Click to View

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