Do We really Need Vitamins?

I just attended a screening of a beautifully made, award-winning film called “Love Thy Nature” by Sylvie Rokab. Revealing, moving, and inspiring it carries us into the heart of Nature in her many forms and to stunning locales all over the world. Narrated by Liam Neeson, it includes interviews with many well-known individuals who are helping to preserve this beauty for the next generations. It’s at the Laemmele Santa Monica this week, and also playing in other cities– check their website. You can also host it for your own organization as well. Please go- and take your kids. And have an adventure in Nature this weekend!

I’m getting ready to go to Institute of Functional Medicine’s annual conference in San Diego next week. While there, I will be interviewd as a friend and collaeague for a documentary on the life and contributions of Candace Pert, who wrote the best-selling ‘Molecules of Emotion.’ I’ll also see lots of friends, go to some cool lectures, and check out the latest supplements in the exhibit hall. There should be some good parties, too.

Here are some very informative and inspiring online events that I am participating in. Many have generous free gifts just for signing up, are all of the programs are available to purchase and save for later, too.

That Vitamin Summit
Like so many people, are you confused by the whole vitamin question? I have been using vitamins and other nutritional supplements for years both personally and in my practice of integrative psychiatry, and I know they work. And while most of you don’t need to be convinced of their efficacy, you may have a lot of questions like— what to take, how much, for what conditions, and even, what is the science behind it?

We have some answers coming up! One of the pioneers of natural health education, who’s one of the most informed people I know in this area, author Andrew Saul, has gathered together 25 leading authorities on vitamins for That Vitamin Summit. It’s online and free from May 12 to 18, 2016. I can’t wait! My session plays on Friday May 13th (good date, if you ask me!)

That Vitamin Summit will teach you:

  • How to prevent and stop the progression of major diseases with vitamins
  • Why you may never have heard of the monumental evidence showing that vitamins cure disease
  • Some simple strategies to make your vitamins more effective
  • Which vitamins you should definitely avoid
  • Why vitamin C may just be the most important nutrient ever discovered
  • Latest insights and understanding of vitamin therapy

Register for FREE at the following link today:


Own all of the expert talks to in your health education library, and watch at your own pace:


Now some reminders about other events:

The BRAIN SUMMIT with health coach, Erin Matlock, who interviewed me on using nutrients to optimize the brain instead of medication, and beating addiction naturally.  The series just ended but will have a FREE REPLAY of the entire program all weekend  http://www.brainsummit.com?orid=45404&opid=12]

REBOOT YOUR BRAIN series with neuronutrition expert Leah Lund where I spoke on the downsides of medication, providing natural options.  It continues toMay 13 (with free replays toward the end)   https://pd305.isrefer.com/go/RebootSummit/biobalance/

Academy of Nutrition:  Meghan Telpner, author, speaker, nutritionist, and director of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition is presenting a unique, free all-day VIRTUAL conference, on May 11, with speakers, including me talking about food addiction, Q and A, and even, free bonuses (including mine).

Check these out, save for later– build your university level library of the latest health information, and take charge of your own health.


We have a 15% discount for a limited time on my CALM Natural Mind Formula which uses GABA-enhancing nutrients to calm your brain and body with no side effects or addiction. 

    Quoting RK from Baltimore:

“Taking a CALM after work is like taking a drink – only better. I feel relaxed, and the day’s worries seem to disappear. No hangover either!”

Yours in good health,

Hyla Cass M.D.

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