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Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Guide to Cannabis: 15 Key Steps to Understanding the Many Benefits of the Cannabis Plant

Learn about the science behind cannabis and the many different uses for the plant. As the use for cannabis as medicine becomes more and more mainstream, it is important to know the facts behind the plant. In this revolutionary Itty Bitty® Book, Dr. Hyla Cass and Mikayla Kemp explore the science, uses and administration methods for using cannabis. In this book, you will learn all of the basics of the cannabis plant to help you make a more informed decision about using cannabis for your health. Learn about the different parts of the plant and the different chemicals found within the plant. Understand how different cannabinoids and terpenes interact with your body. Grasp the different administration methods, and why certain methods are better for specific ailments. Pick up a copy of this informative book today and become educated on the health benefits of this plant that everyone is starting to talk about.

Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Guide to Cannabis: 15 Key Steps to Understanding the Many Benefits of the Cannabis Plant



8 Weeks to Vibrant Health

A Woman’s Take-Charge Program to Correct Imbalances, Reclaim Energy, and Restore Well-Being

In 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health, acclaimed integrative doctor and bestselling health author Hyla Cass, M.D., and health writer Kathleen Barnes address ways women can empower themselves by discovering the underlying causes of your health problems. Then you are given the tools you need to determine why you are experiencing these symptoms and to remedy the imbalance that causes the symptoms. Helps women overcome these common health problems by providing:

  • A safe, proven approach to restoring body balance and general health that incorporates the best therapies from mainstream medicine and from integrative and natural medicine
  • Self-assessments and other powerful diagnostic tools to help identify specific imbalances and their triggers
  • Detailed guidance on diet, nutritional and herbal supplements, lifestyle changes, detoxification programs, exercise programs, and other methods of restoring vibrant health

A woman’s guide to achieving optimum health introduces a practical, eight-week program designed to help women discover the underlying causes of health problems, as well as a safe and effective approach that uses conventional, alternative, integrative, and natural medicine to restore body balance, reclaim energy, and restore well-being. >> Read More

“I got your new book 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health. It’s very close to an actual consultation with you. I am doing great. My hormones are way more balanced now. Good job. I have recommended to others.”

-LR Malibu, CA

8 Weeks to Vibrant Health


Supplement Your Prescription

What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Nutrition

Basic Health Publications Prescription drugs can rob you of the very vitamins and minerals your body needs to overcome your current health condition. Whether you suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic heartburn (GERD), arthritis, diabetes, or depression, the prescription drugs you are taking can actually make your condition worse!

You Hold the Keys to Your Health –
Even If You Need Prescription Medications!

Most office visits are short, and time is limited. And the truth is, most doctors have very little knowledge about nutrition and how it affects your overall health and well-being. As a result, your doctor is unlikely to tell you how to supplement your prescription. Dr. Cass offers essential information to complement your doctor’s advice. >> Read More

Supplement Your Prescription


Natural Highs

Supplements, Nutrition, and Mind-Body Techniques to Help You Feel Good All the Time (co-author Patrick Holford)

Penguin Putnam What does it take to make you feel “high”? Do you routinely reach for caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, or sugary snacks to get you through the day or to transition from one event to the next? If so, you are certainly not alone. Unfortunately, the quick fixes we have become accustomed to don’t work long-term, and often further contribute to the underlying problems of fatigue, depression, brain fog, and anxiety. Are there any alternatives? Read Natural Highs to find the many ways you can use diet, supplements and a variety of mind body techniques to feel great. >> Read More

“It occurs to me that a subtitle for your excellent book, Natural Highs, could be: A user’s guide to making best friends with your own brain’s chemistry.

What I discovered in your book was not the path to the unnatural state of being artificially ‘high,’ but, rather, the opportunities to guide myself to the very natural state of being at one with my own neuro-biochemistry; and those are delightful choices to be able to make, indeed.

The accessible information, the relevant context and the usable recommendations all combine to make your book an excellent resource that I find myself coming back to frequently, and with appreciation.

Thanks and best regards”

– Noah N

“The information you provide in your books have changed my world! I have implemented many of your suggestions and they have made a huge difference in my enjoyment of day to day living. I have also started taking your FOCUS and ENERGY formulas and WOW what a difference! So much mental clarity and sustained energy.”

-Debby W.

Natural Highs



Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Treatments in Psychiatry

A New Guide for Physicians and Other Healthcare Professionals, as well as the Educated/Interested Public

Done as an educational project by the nonprofit Safe Harbor, this book is packed with information cover a broad range of treatments to improve mental health while promoting wellness and decreasing dependency on medication.

CAMPsychiatrycoverChapters cover:

  • An introduction to the philosophy of wellness and recovery
  • Importance of full medical exams
  • Lifestyle changes, including diet, sleep, and exercise
  • Allergies, toxins, and poisons
  • Nutritional treatments
  • Breathing techniques, yoga, and mindfulness

My New Book is Now Available as a Free Download!

The book closes with a look at “The CAM Psychiatrist at Work.” I had the opportunity to bring together all the elements of the previous chapters into real-world diagnostics and treatment. I had the good fortune to work with lead author and editor, Dan Stradford, founder and director of Safe Harbor, who has dedicated many years to the cause of natural mental health care, and with fellow authors, Christine Berger, Ph.D., University of Maryland School of Medicine, and Garry Vickar, M.D., Washington University School of Medicine Complementary and Alternative Medicine Treatments in Psychiatry will also be available for purchase as a hard copy on Amazon.com in mid-February. I hope you will read this book, share it with friends, family, mental health professionals, and anyone who could benefit from learning more about taking charge of their mental health (and can’t we all?). Together we can make a difference! Enjoy!

Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Treatments in Psychiatry



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