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Dr. Cass’ Better Balance Brain Supplements

Dr. Cass’ Better Balance Brain Supplements have been discontinued due to rising manufacturing and distribution costs. I’m sorry to see them go after all these years of their doing so much for so many,  and I apologize to you who have been relying on them. 

The formulas are Brain Recovery AM/PM, Brain Cell Support, Focus, Calm, and Energy Balance. I do have some solutions, however.

I replaced my unique Brain Recovery AM/PM with a combination of several different formula options – amino acids to make neurotransmitters, multivitamin/mineral for co-factors, detoxifying ingredients, blood sugar balancers, and craving controllers. You can sign up on Fullscript, a professional supplement distributor where I have created my own preferences and recommendations. Search the catalog under favorites for “Brain Recovery AM/PM replacement.” Click here.

Also please look under “Brain Supplements” on Fullscript for the others. 

 There is a limited supply of Focus and Calm available until they run out here.

The single ingredient products including 5 HTP, L-Glutamine, C-1000, Super EPA, Probiotic Blend, and Red Rice Yeast, are also available on  Fullscript, under Protocol for Life brand for the most reasonable price, while maintaining highest quality.

Thank you for your loyalty, and I hope you continue to enjoy my website, newsletter and hemp oil line!


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