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Your supplements help a LOT!!!

Your supplements help a LOT!!! You really changed my life!!! I can see how life can be like in a whole different way. I’m excited!For example, someone did something something negative to me the other day and instead of getting angry, I could just let it go. I never could do that before. I’m a better person, too.  I can help my friends, and I see that I have good heart. You’ve been an angel in my life! You saved my mom too— she is also much improved on your supplements.

Jesse, age 27

From India with Love – How My Life was Transformed with Your Loving Kindness!!

Dear Dr Cass I want to describe how you loving kindness touched my life, improved  its quality and reduced my suffering. As my condition is so complex and varied and on top of that I have a lot of brain fog so I don’t think I would be able to do justice to you in this writeup, if anything it will be underestimated! I have been suffering from FMS &CFS as well as having GERD & lower back problem for decades now.None of my problems could be diagnosed and words fail me when I try to describe the intense suffering I have been going thru every moment of my life. There have been angels in my life sent from somewhere or the other to ease my pain & suffering and make my life better. One of the top few being Dr. Hyla Cass. I had written to her hoping to get some guidance but not expecting any, as no doctor from the US had replied so far. Actually, there isn’t much help  for the problems I have in India, except some Panchkarma  treatments which are so difficult to administer and take in my condition. But another angelic doctor had undertaken to do that and with his dedication, hard work and knowledge he did get me back on my feet after  two long years of extremely dedicated work on. But to my surprise Dr. Cass not only replied promptly, but recommended that I take 5HTP and Ribose in certain specified doses, and later she recommended one of her products, Nightly Calm. These three have changed the quality of my life like nothing else after  all these years, and made me much more hopeful of regaining and reclaiming my life. Before Dr. Cass’s kind recommendations, I found it very difficult to manage my life, even with very great help from my husband. If I got very-very exhausted and very-very achy and my body became completely cement like it would take me days or even months to get out of that extreme condition. Now I am getting into such conditions less frequently and getting out of it in a matter of 1-2 days, even with much more stress to cope  with. It is very difficult to explain what a huge difference it has made to my life;  that how much grateful i feel to Dr Cass!!!!!!! That I can cope much more without crashing into whole lot of suffering. I still cannot completely manage my own chores even but as composed to what I was like earlier,  it is a very significant difference and improvement in the quality of my life and in reduction of my enormous suffering. Had to get part of our house painted in emergency when entire family was away. Although I had tremendous help from friends and domestic staff yet what I managed recently surprises even me, my family and friends who heard about it. Dr. Cass has made tremendous difference in my life, without exaggeration. And I am very much waiting for her other products to arrive from US as I am very confident now that these will make all the more difference to my wellbeing and life! I JUST CANT THANK HER ENOUGH for her loving compassion, the way it has touched my life and nearly made it worth living!!!!!!! I must add in all earnestness that it is extremely difficult to find such doctors these days. With loving grateful regards


Mood, Energy, Hormones, and Weight

After the birth of my son, I struggled for years with hormonal imbalance symptoms. These included mood swings, cloudy thinking, weight gain, depression, anxiety, and sleeplessness. Despite seeking treatment from several health care professionals , over time these symptoms became more and more pronounced until they interfered profoundly with my life. Antidepressants and other treatments didn’t work.  I began to think this was part of my aging process and that I’d never feel “normal” again. Dr. Cass took a full health history and prescribed some supplements and lifestyle changes.  In less than two months my energy levels increased, I dropped several stubborn pounds that had been lingering in my midsection, and was sleeping better at night. My moods evened out and I found it easy to handle situations that just a couple of months before would have felt catastrophic. Now instead of dreading my future I’m planning for it with great anticipation and delight. Dr. Cass treated my like a whole person, not just a bunch of symptoms to be medically managed. An innovative and cutting edge care provider, she partnered with me to help me get my life back. I can’t thank her enough.”

Bridget Boland, author of The Doula, energy healer, yoga instructor and doula.

This is from the mother of an 11 year old boy who suffered from depression, for which he’d been hospitalized, and also had poor grades, and behavioral problems. Told that he ‘must be on medication,’ they came to see Dr. Cass for a more natural solution. After several months, his mood, behavior and school performance had totally turned around. Here is what she writes:

Boy on Medication with Problems — Solved with Supplements

Thank you so much. I feel so fortunate to have found you. Matthew is doing extremely well, thanks to you. I am so proud of his progress. I really believe if Matt was on medicine that he wouldn’t be doing as well as he is on the supplements. It truly is amazing to me how far he has come in such a short period. Also, I am really enjoying reading Natural Highs book. We are very thankful to have met you. You really have changed our lives tremendously!”

From the mother of a 20-year old college student, diagnosed bipolar. This was in 2011. I see her once or twice a year, and at latest visit in 2013, and she was doing well in college, participating in a national choir, and feeling great – on supplements and no medication.

Daughter with Bipolar Disorder

Thank you, Dr. Cass! You have given my daughter an opportunity to look beyond the frustration she acquired from previous doctors, who would only prescribe medicine for her diagnosis of bipolar disorder. After you shared your incredible knowledge and expertise with her, she lost 25 pounds she gained from traditional medicine, maintained her academic success in college, and now enjoys life with her friends and family. Recently, several of my family members approached me at a family event and remarked about how “great” my daughter looks. I can’t express enough gratitude in words for the work you have done and continue to do. Thank you for thinking “outside of the pharmaceutical box”, applying nutrition and supplements to support overall health, and, most importantly, for helping my family obtain hope for my daughter’s successful future. Sincerely,

Lisa (K.’s Mom)

From a patient, a 34 year old woman who had been diagnosed as bipolar and was on medication. She is now medication-free (withdrawing over a 2 month period) and just taking the supplements:

Bipolar Woman — from Meds to Supplements

Before I came to you I had almost constant suicidal thoughts and I was afraid to be alone. I was always exhausted, anti-social, and life seemed hopeless. Then I met you, the vitamin regimen began and the rest is history. Within one week, my energy came back and the alcohol and sugar cravings disappeared. After the blood results came back, you tweaked the vitamins and I began to feel better than ever. Today I am energetic, physically strong and have a sense of mental clarity that I have never experienced before. I am grateful for every little thing in my life and I can get up in the morning and play with the kids. I have a sense of overall well-being that has NEVER been present in my life. So, thank you, Hyla, for making all of this possible. What you have done astounds me.”

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

I’ve been wheat intolerant, unknowingly, for most of my life. I had constant bouts of systemic candida resulting in extreme fatigue, feelings of hopelessness, and fears and anxieties during the night. I woke up frightened every morning. I would stop eating sugar, wheat, soy, corn etc. for 3 weeks and then, when I started eating “normally” again, the cycle would begin again. In the past year, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (hypothyroid). Dr. Cass put me on natural thyroid and suggested that I be tested to see if I was allergic to wheat. The test was positive. I’ve been off of wheat products for over 4 months now. Thanks to wonderful Dr. Cass, I now wake up happy and am balanced and happy throughout most days! With extreme gratitude to Dr. Cass,

Janice Bopp

Migraine Recovery

The information you provide in your books have changed my world! I have implemented many of your suggestions and they have made a huge difference in my enjoyment of day to day living. I have also started taking your Focus and Energy Balance formulas and WOW what a difference! So much mental clarity and sustained energy. Thank you for your time,


Weight Control

I was fortunate enough to discover Dr. Cass’s work, philosophy and beliefs through Frank Lipman’s weekly newsletter. I immediately contacted her to see if she could help me. I had gained 30 lbs within 2 months of starting a new job and had been cycling through binges for 2 years. I had tried everything, including hypnosis, to break my addiction. My addiction to sugar, mainly chocolate, had overtaken my life. I would leave work to buy my binge foods and hide in my office eating them. I would stop at different bakeries after work and pretend that I was bringing treats to work, so that they would not know I was going to sit in my car and eat it all! Dr. Cass put me on a bunch of supplements and adjusted them periodically based on what I reported to her. She also suggested a psychotherapy method called EMDR to help heal past emotional trauma. Before my first appointment for it, I stopped at Panera and ate 2 cinnamon rolls. I then stopped at a bakery and ate 2 more. Then, I stopped at CVS for chocolate. After the session, I ate more chocolate and cookies and ordered pizza when I got home. It did help relieve some old emotional issues over time, though I’d attribute my current success to the supplement and diet program. I am so happy to report that Dr. Cass diet and supplement program, and her patience with me throughout, cured my addiction. I have been in full recovery for 6 months. This means that I have not had gluten, dairy, soy or sugar in 6 months. I lost the weight I gained, but more importantly, I no longer crave or desire those toxic sugary foods that had controlled my every thought for years. My binging started around age 12 and I gained then lost about 60 pounds. Over the years, I would gain and lose the same 30 pounds 4 times. I no longer have to worry about gaining this weight back because I have complete freedom from my addiction. It is so liberating to walk into a bakery and not even be tempted for any of the foods. When colleagues bring treats in, I am not even interested. In the past, I would eat 5 or 6 servings and hope no one would notice. I am very happy about the weight loss, but I am even happier about the freedom from my addiction. Dr. Cass is an amazing healer and incredible practitioner. She hands down saved my life!!!

Dr. B.

Here is a testimonial from Darren whom I first saw in 1999. Once we solved his problems, he has stayed in touch for quick check-ins and just sharing how well he’s doing in his life. You can see the power of supplements to heal the mind, and the importance of taking control of your own healthcare.

Insomnia, Depakote Recovery

I first came to Dr. Hyla Cass in August of 1999, after nearly a dozen doctors in New York and California had miserably failed to properly treat a terrible case of insomnia, which persisted for months. The sleeplessness had eventually led to inexplicable anxiety attacks and bizarre symptoms of OCD, neither of which I had ever experienced before. Habitually a very calm person who meditates daily, I was suddenly a complete mess, and I made the necessary decision to seek standard drug treatment. I had never taken a single psychiatric drug in my entire life up to this time. Within days of taking the medications, I found myself surviving only on willpower, along with the false energy from the horrifying side effects of a cocktail of 6-10 powerful psychiatric drugs, including Depakote, Zoloft, Risperdal, Ambien, and Klonopin. Words can never describe what those drugs did to me. The addition of Depakote into the lethal brew was particularly mind-blowing. When I told my newly procured Columbia University psychiatrist that the drug made my body feel like it was going to explode, and that I could feel my pulse in my teeth, neck, ears, and scalp, she commanded me to triple the dose, which I did, only to nearly implode from the constant, insidious, throbbing effect. My hair began to fall out significantly, yet the doctor told me that I had “to take the bad with the good.” I was required to take a weekly thyroid test at a lab to monitor just how bad my thyroid was being poisoned by this drug. The doctor ignored all my phone calls of distress and finally left a firm voice message, saying, “Please understand, Mr. Motise, that your calling me multiple times will not get me to return your calls any sooner. If the matter is urgent you should check yourself into a hospital.” After I heard that message, I knew I had to find a doctor that actually cared about me, because I had not yet found such a thing. I first heard about Hyla Cass from a good friend, and being extremely eager to try a more holistic approach, I immediately set up an appointment. Dr. Cass was incredibly generous with her time, and she patiently and compassionately listened to my litany of symptoms. She told me that she had seen numerous similar case. She confidently told me to immediately get off the Depakote. Within a few days, the throbbing effect had subsided significantly, and within six weeks all pulsing pressure vanished. However, this was just the first step in establishing a proper treatment for my recovery. On our first meeting, Dr. Cass advised me to begin a regimen of high quality natural supplements, while keeping me on one or two of the synthetic medications I had been taking. The unique combination of Tryptophan, Valerian Root, St John’s Wort, GABA, Kava, Melatonin, adrenal supplements, Inositol, and other natural products helped me to wean off the remaining synthetic medications within a few months, and a much improved ability to sleep resumed within days. After just two meetings with Dr Cass that summer, I returned to New York and implemented her prescribed treatment plan. One day, just a couple of months later, my body and mind suddenly felt extremely rejuvenated and clearer, and I realized that Dr. Cass’s decision to take me off of the Depakote, while adding natural substances, was singularly responsible for restoring my life back to its prior level of functionality. I was soon able to jump back into my work as a classical pianist and took on several wonderfully rewarding musical jobs. Coupled with her consummate expertise in the field of natural remedies for the brain and nervous system, Dr. Cass’s medical knowledge of the benefits and dangers of synthetic psychiatric medications is peerless, and there is no physician more qualified to successfully treat and heal the ever-increasing host of neurological and psychiatric disorders in our toxic modern environment. Read her numerous, unreservedly straightforward, informative books. Try to implement her advice into your life. Make an appointment with her if you are suffering from any difficult mental or physical ailment, or if you just want to improve your overall heath. You will not be disappointed. Dr. Cass will calmly and candidly assist you in regaining your health. She sits down right across from you, and you will always leave her tranquil office with a hopeful spring in your step. She gave me my life back at a time when a multitude of doctors had given me only the most dismal of prognoses. They told me I would likely be on medication for the rest of my life. Well, Dr. Cass and I proved them wrong. I haven’t needed a psychiatric drug for over 13 years, since I first met Dr. Cass. She stabilized my condition when all other doctors were at a loss to do so, and she put me on a most welcomed path to true healing. I can’t thank her enough.

Darren Motise
Professional classical musician, New York

Anxiety, Panic Recovery

Ten years ago when I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder & Panic I was lost, scared and felt so alone. The only option I was given by my doctor was a handful of prescriptions and a pat on the back wishing me luck. Knowing that my first panic attack came out of the blue I was convinced that medication was not the right answer for me, I wanted to be free rather than coping. After lots of reading I found 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health. It just all made sense! I finally felt like I had someone that understood exactly what I was feeling. The possibility that food, body chemistry or lifestyle could change the way I was feeling seemed like a possible answer. After implementing many of Dr. Cass’s ideas my way to freedom was not an overnight change, however my new lifestyle began quickly working! Soon the anxiety lessened and panic attacks were fewer and further apart. Today I am so happy to finally be free & feel like my old self again. 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health is the first book I recommend to all of my friends and website followers to read before moving ahead on their own journey to freedom. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ~ Hippocrates

Amy Furbee


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