Help Fight Monsanto And Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs)…!!!

Help Fight Monsanto And Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs)…!!!

imgres-1Urgent: Please donate today!  80% of all processed foods in the United States contain food that was grown using some form of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) has been doing a heroic fighting Monsanto‘s efforts to prohibit GMO labeling laws. In November, voters in Washington State will vote on I-522, which is a citizens’ ballot initiative to label GMOs. The OCA has pledged $500,000 to support the I-522 campaign. If OCA raises half this amount ($250,000) by April 1, 2013, a generous donor will match those funds.  I appreciate all that the Organic Consumers Association does to protect us against food giants like Monsanto I donated $50 today.  I urge all of you to go to the OCA WEB site and make whatever donation you can afford. Every little bit helps. OCA is fighting for our health, the health of our food and the health of our planet.

Click here to donate and become one of the Millions Against Monsanto

1) Monsanto doesn’t want citizens to know which foods contain genetically modified ingredients (almost 80% of all processed foods do), and which don’t.

2) Monsanto doesn’t want us to know how how genetically modified foods (GMOs) affect our health, which is why Monsanto refuses to allow independent testing of its GMOs (using the excuse that they are protecting their patented technologies).

3) Monsanto claims GMO labeling laws will increase food prices but that has not been the case in any of the other countries that have instituted mandatory labeling laws.

4)  Monsanto also doesn’t want you to know that if we, the consumers, win just one state GMO labeling law, it will deal a near-fatal blow to the biotech industry’s multi-billion dollar PR campaign of lies, greed, and destruction.

GMO foods are already causing health risks to animals and humans and potential environmental disaster may be in the making.

I strongly recommend reading Jeffrey Smiths groundbreaking book titled Genetic Roulette in which he shatters the biotech industry’s claim that GMO foods are safe.

Here is the link to where you can buy a used copy of Genetic Roulette for less than $15. Genetic Roulette by Jeffrey Smith

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