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10 Minute Wellness Tips (Free Gift)

Here’s a great way to improve just about every area of your health in as little as ten minutes! My friends Brad Costanzo and Bob Serling at 10 Minute Wellness Tips have just released a series of short, right on point interviews with 26 leading health experts. And, yes, I’m one of the featured interviews. […]

How to Avoid Using Drugs for Depression

How Nutritional and Alternative Treatments Can Help You Avoid Using Drugs for Depression Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Dr. Hyla Cass, M.D. By Dr. Mercola Depression is a very serious health problem and can be terminal, as up to 30,000 people who are depressed commit suicide every year. But are antidepressants the best approach? Contrary to […]

Becoming Aware Book & Exclusive Bonuses

I have been friends with Lisa Garr, host of the Aware Show, for many years, and have been fortunate enough to be a frequent guest on her show. She is a consummate interviewer — interested, energetic, and very well informed on just about anything and everything related to mind, body and spirit. So I’m excited […]

Newsletter, May 5, 2015 – Summit Extravaganza!

I’m back from Toronto and getting ready to leave for Florida, to visit a unique holistic addiction treatment center, Serenity Springs, where they are using my Brain Recovery Program supplements in their program. Then I drive to West Palm Beach to visit the Hippocrates Health Institute which provides natural health care and education for a […]

Is Healthy Travel Possible?

I travel 2-3 times a month and I have learned a lot about what I like to call “travel survival.” I get asked often…”Is it possible to travel without fear of catching a cold from the person next to me?” and “Is there a way I can step off an international flight without feeling achy […]

What’s REALLY In Your Water?

In the United States, our municipal water delivery systems are overburdened by poor quality source water. The only way cities can meet the federal mandated water standards is by adding more chemicals, most often, chlorine…a well known carcinogen. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rates and sets acceptable limits on huge amounts of impurities and chemicals […]

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